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Clarion Group has provided New York with Facilities Services Consulting since 1995, bringing 15 years of skills and business knowledge to every one of our clients.

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Clarion Group, a reputable and experienced Food Service and Facilities Services Consulting company ensures to offer a unique consulting plan to all of its clients. Every business is different and therefore, requires a personalized service. The goal is to match your vision and fulfill your objectives by increasing efficiency and improving quality of your service for your organization and employees or students. Clarion Group offers an integrated approach that will help your food service exceed your expectations. The quality food services an
d facilities services consulting offered by Clarion Group will guide you step by step.

Clarion Group has been offering food service and facilities services consulting to companies, professional firms, colleges and universities since 1995 and has always been proud to offer a service combining cost efficiency and quality to its clientele. Their unique client-centered approach ensures that you get results in accordance to the vision you initially planned. Clarion Group will assist you with planning, design and facility operations; these interdisciplinary services are the key to integrated, effective results. Clarion’s consulting team is sure to provide you with solutions that are realistic, innovative and actionable, with hands-on experience as food service operators. For any problem, there is a solution and that is why Clarion Group wants to help you. The experts at Clarion will help you optimize your services and realize the vision you have for your food service, catering services, conference management audio/visual services and lodging facilities. A project is never considered done until the client is completely satisfied with every aspect of the work that has been performed.

Clarion Group offers different services to help you achieve your goals including extensive management consulting services, dining facility design and facilities management. Clarion’s management consulting services include strategic and business plan development, operational and financial consulting, food service and facilities services contractor selection and management, customer research, menu development, marketing, promotions, employee relations, regulatory compliance and quality assurance audits. For facility design, Clarion Group will help you plan and design a new dining facility or refresh and renovate an existing one. Clarion Group will work with you to design a facility that will satisfy your needs but also your employees or students and guests.. Whether it is for a student or employee dining facility, Clarion’s team will realize your vision while providing cost-effective designs and plans that will meet the target customer base’s expectations. Clarion’s facilities management services will help improve the management and planning of your conference and events services as well as catering, lodging and audio/visual services or any other related service that is essential to your organization.

Clarion Group is a leader in facilities services consulting. The team’s hands-on experience and deep knowledge of the food and catering industry is incomparable and will ensure that your plans and vision are realized exactly as you want. Clarion Group is dedicated to assist you at every step of the way, which starts by gaining a clear understanding of your organization, your goals and the needs of your customers.

For more information on Clarion Group or to learn more about their food service facilities services consulting, please visit clariongp.

Clarion Group is a nationwide food service consultant with a focus in on-site food services .Clarion Group's food service operations solutions are innovative, realistic, and actionable. For more information, visit


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