Clarion Group Offers Facilities Services Consulting By Seo Manager

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Clarion Group has provided New York with Facilities Services Consulting since 1995, bringing 15 years of skills and business knowledge to every one of our clients.

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Clarion Group is renowned in providing facilities services consulting in the food industry. They craft and implement solutions to address the client's situation and adopt an integrated approach to the project using a network of specialists from related disciplines to achieve the objectives imaginatively, efficiently and affordably. The results are fresh, innovative solutions that meet or exceed objectives, requirements and standards.

The capabilities of Clarion Group range from extensive management consulting services to facilities services consulting in
com/">facility design and facilities management capabilities. Clarion's capabilities in Management Consulting include strategic and business plan development, operational and financial consulting, food service contractor selection and management, employee relations and customer research.

Clarion Group performs facilities management by ensuring that the client's facilities support services are competent, efficient, effective and affordable. Clarion Group will help improve the management, planning, technology and execution of the client's conference and events services, audio/visual service, catering, lodging and other related services and facilities that are vital to the client's organization. These specific services include: operational and financial analysis of the client's current services, creative solutions to improve services and reduce costs, effective implementation of improvement and cost-reduction programs, planning, organizing and establishing new services, selection and purchase of space/services reservation and management technology, competitive selection of vendors and vendor contract preparation and negotiation.

Clarion Group performs imaginative, practical planning and execution to ensure successful results in the area of food service facility planning & design. Clarion Group is guided by research which has shown that customers equate "healthy" with "fresh" and defines fresh as "made while I watch" and which forms the core of its food service designs. Clarion Group conducts a feasibility study to learn the client's requirements, survey and analyze the potential sites or existing facilities and recommend the best approach to meeting objectives. Clarion Group will undertake concept development whereby the service concepts developed will meet customers' needs and expectations and provide for efficient, convenient service and an economical operation. In the area of design, Clarion Group plans employee or student dining facilities to meet key customer needs for fresh, wholesome meals and foods "ready to go" for those who want to consume the meal elsewhere, and a comfortable, welcoming environment. Clarion Group's innovative dining center designs provide for meals prepared at the counter as per the customer's order, as practical. This approach minimizes the space needed for the kitchen and support areas, delights the customer and ensures convenient placement of "grab-and-go" displays for the customer and efficient, labor-saving equipment and layout in the kitchen. Clarion Group also develops and plan specialized facilities for executive dining, conference services and catering, informal cafes and limited service outlets and in-house retail stores.

Clarion Group performs its facilities services consulting by working closely with the client and architect to ensure the dining facility is customer friendly and is cost-effective to build and operate.

Clarion Group is an experienced food facilities services consulting company that had been providing excellent solutions and opportunities to companies, schools and international institutions in the U.S. since 1995.

For more information visit the Clarion Group website: clariongp.

Clarion Group is a nationwide food service consultant with a focus in on-site food services. Clarion Group's food service operations solutions are innovative, realistic, and actionable. For more information, visit



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