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Coaching From the Heart by Ken Blanchard and Don Shula By Ben Sanderson

  in Leadership | Published 2012-01-29 07:23:54 | 243 Reads | Unrated


If you show your team the proper way to win, does everyone win no matter what the outcome This question is posed in Coaching from the Heart by Ken Blanchard and Don Shula and it is answered in the affirmative

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If you show your team the proper way to win, does everyone win no matter what the outcome? This question is posed in Coaching from the Heart by Ken Blanchard and Don Shula and it is answered in the affirmative. In fact, it is more than just merely answered. The question is examined from a variety of angles that allows it to extend far beyond the "mere" sports analogies associated with it. Rather, the question veers in the realm of personal development to provide solid insight into self-help territory.

And what better authors are there to cover such material than Ken Blanchard an
d Don Shula? Ken Blanchard has long since established his talent as a business leadership guidance professional. Don Shula's career of a NFL head coach also established his credentials a brilliant guiding light to personal and professional achievement. Now, the two have come together to produce a brilliant self-help audio series. Simply listening to a few minutes of the material on these CDs each and every day can lead to a significant improvement in understanding what is needed to attain success.

What makes Coaching from the Heart such an excellent series? There are quite a few positive benefits to this work. If the main benefit of positives were to be summed up into a single component, it would be the structure the work follows. Specifically, the system promotes the five great principles a leader can embody. You can't be a great leader unless you have a proper and clear insight into what is needed to be such a leader. The five main traits you need to be a solid leader are explicitly spelled out in these CDs. This opens the door for being able to embody such traits and put them into practice.

Once you put them into practice, your lot in life will improve in many different ways. How could it not? Natural, effective, and learned leaders will certainly experience positive interactions from others. Why would they not? Those with the qualities of effective leadership are admired and treated with respect.

Other facets designed to develop outstanding leadership are discussed in this audio series. Areas of development include creating a vision for the future and maintaining the proper conviction needed to ensure the outcome is the desired one. The potential to adapt and excel in changing environments is also examined in detail. And, quite helpfully, the ability to help others become the best they can be is examined. Mastery of these many skills can certainly help you attain the talents of an effective leader.

Does mastery come overnight? No, of course not; mastery is always a work in progress. Those that do take the time out to follow the concepts offered in this series will discover mastery can be arrived at in a reasonable timeframe.

Coaching from the Heart by Ken Blanchard and Don Shula is certainly an innovative and groundbreaking work covering all the many varied talents needed to lead others and even yourself. Most assuredly, skills such as this will be a great benefit to all your endeavors in life.



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