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Color Inspirations for Exterior Painting of Your Home By Martha Navas

  in Home Management | Published 2018-05-21 03:42:24 | 292 Reads | Unrated


Want to paint your home exterior? It will increase the overall value of your home more than you’d think! Whether you’re going for a home sale, enhance both the cost of your home and the speed at which it sells, or just want your neighbors to say “Oh Wow”, an exterior paint job will do your w ork well. Take a look at this post to understand the color schemes for your Exterior Painting in Charlotte.

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Exterior home painting is important for its appearance – and for the integrity of the home. No matter what, you’ll make the neighbors go wow.

Over the time, your house gets flaws, rust, sun damage, chipped paint, water stains, and more. An exterior paint job can make all of them go away though. You’ll be able to able to get rid of those exterior flaws before they go out of your hands.

One more thing you need to pay attention to, while painting the exterior is the smart choice of paint colors. Choose the right color and make your home exterior welcome vi

sitors when they roll up to your home. Here are a few color trends you should consider for your home exterior in Charlotte:

Sky Blue –
Want to use colors inspired by the natural landscapes? You can’t go wrong with sky blue color. It will create a connection between natural landscape and the exterior of the home. In addition to, this color will endure for years to come.

Remember that, painting the exterior of a house is a much larger scale than painting a single room. Hence, avoid choosing a color that will look overly bright in the neighborhood. In fact, blue sky color – inspired by and named for the horizon will work on your exterior for sure.

Moody Gray –
You don’t need to be afraid of going the dark side while making choice of the exterior paint color of your home. All you need to do is to maintain the trim and surrounding landscaping airy and light as possible.

White –
You can’t go wrong with a classic color. To bring in the accents of color that complement your personal style, you can use the front door as a colorful center of attraction.

Painting a house is a big investment. So look to working on a small scale by just painting the front door with white color. Through its bold accents, it will enhance the overall appeal of exterior and will go a long way.

Warm Gray –
You can opt for a gray color to paint the exterior of your home. Most homeowners choose gray colors that complement their exterior materials like brick or stone.
A combination of warm gray and green can help you balance the natural materials and inhibit a sense of sophistication.

Subtle Yellow –
Subtle yellow colors are able to breathe life into a home and can convey a beautiful ambience to guests. After all, a warm house is more often perceived as more family-oriented and welcoming.

This subtle yellow hue will make your guests feel instantly at home just before they even step in the front door. To enhance the contrast, you can choose black shutters and white trim. But the steer clear of overly bright yellows can come off as aggressive and overpowering.

Conclusion –
The exterior of your home is something that guests take in first. A visually appealing and aesthetically beautiful home exterior has the ability to make a lasting impression. Take a look at the above-discussed color inspiration guide and make a statement-worthy home exterior for years to come!

Otherwise, you can take help from professional contractors for Exterior Painting in Charlotte. Combined with their careful preparation, execution, and expert techniques, you’ll get the desired results.



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