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Commercial architecture in Kochi By Monnaie Architects

  in Home Management | Published 2017-07-18 05:10:19 | 121 Reads | Unrated


Monnaie is the best Commercial architecture in Kochi and villa architecture design in Kochi, Cochin, Kerala. We do interior designers for Living Room, Modular Kitchen, Bedroom interior designers, Dining Room and more. Visit Us!.

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Retro inspired interior style in modern homes has become a trend now. Bold colours like purple & pink are one of the hottest presently, with accents of gold & silver here and there. Chic & fashionable retro concept can create a unique look & a refreshing ambience in your home.

Monnaie Architects & Interiors provides the best commercial architecture in Kochi. Monnaie is one of the leading architects in Kochi and provides interior designing & furnishing in Kochi.


• Re

tro design style is a mix match of past styles with some modern twist. Each year has got its own feature; focus on a particular era that you would want to add to your space. For example, well known personalities of that era, their photographs, ranging from artists singers, movies or music. Gather some of these objects, easily available at antique stores & display them. It can be the focal point of your room.


• Though bold & vivacious colours are frequently used, you need not go overboard with it. A unique combination can be achieved by adding a few patterned carpets, a modern chair or some retro pieces to enhance your living space. This also gives a break from the usual monotonous designs. 


• It is important to introduce bold patterns & bold colours with caution to achieve a sophisticated design. Red, yellow, turquoise, hot pink, electric blue etc. were some popular colours. A completely retro inspired design in present times will give an overwhelming look.

• Textures are very important, most prominently used is smooth plastic, soft vinyl, crushed velvet etc. Since the theme stands for boldness, you can experiment carefully with different textures.


• Brilliant chandeliers, wardrobes and side tables can add style to the living room. A few elements like cushions and rugs give a playful & hip look.


• By using wooden look for furniture, modern retro style can appear warm & comfortable. 


• You can accessorise your space by using these different patterns with geometric shapes in carpets and wall papers. Artefacts with bright colours and large size can be used along with abstract pieces as sculptures. 


• Mix & match your furniture with a single piece of chair or sofa as the focal point. Most sofas are broad with multi-coloured cushions and, to achieve a shiny Bing, a dash of chrome bar stool with bright red or some silver or gold. This draws instant attention and gives the perfect Retro feeling.



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