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Comparison Between Bakery Cakes v/s Home Made Cakes By Pankaj Sharma

  in Cooking | Published 2016-11-17 12:48:37 | 279 Reads | Unrated


Cakes are a symbol of celebration and happiness. Hardly any joyous occasion is celebrated without a cake. Due to their deliciousness and versatility in decorating according to the occasion, cakes are a must-have.

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Cakes are a symbol of celebration and happiness. Hardly any joyous occasion is celebrated without a cake. Due to their deliciousness and versatility in decorating according to the occasion, cakes are a must-have. If a cake is needed for an occasion, one can either buy it ready-made or make one at home. So ultimately, what’s a better choice? Baking your own cake or just buying one from the store or bakery? Of course, there isn’t just one right or wrong option in either of these. There are several factors with many advantages and disadvantages to buying your own cake or making one

at home.


Cakesmiths is an online portal where you can buy silicone cupcake mould online India and cake baking tins online India, and in this article, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of getting a store-bought or ready-to-make cake.


Store Bought Cakes


The advantages of buying from a bakery or store is that it’s obviously much more easier and convenient to than making one’s own cake from scratch. Plus, if a person has no baking experience, it’s a much better choice to have an expert make the cake! Imagine an inexperienced person attempting to make a cake at home which turns into a major disaster. Store-bought cakes are as lovely as they are because they are made by experienced bakers. They are also best for cakes that time-consuming to make, such as for weddings and other major events.


The biggest disadvantage of buying a store-bought cake is the cost. There are a lot of costs that go into making a cake at a store, such as ingredients, labour, rent, and so on, which is why they cost more than a homemade cake. In addition, store-bought cakes don’t have that personal touch that homemade cakes do, especially if it were to be made specially for somebody as opposed to being bought from a store.


Homemade Cakes


For many, baking is a hobby or an activity that they like to take up as a challenge. While baking at home does have its risks, it is also a risk that many people are willing to take, due to the advantages that homemade cakes have. The advantages of homemade cakes far outweigh the disadvantages. Homemade cakes are much more budget-friendly than store-bought cakes. A cake that has similar kinds of ingredients as a store-bought cake is still much cheaper than the latter. In addition, homemade cakes are far more personal in nature, and the process of cake making can be a fun bonding activity. It’s fun to include both family and friends in the cake making process to spend time together, and also help speed up the process while doing something fun. Also, when making a homemade cake, a person can control what exactly goes into the cake and accordingly accommodate the requirements of the guests.


When making homemade cakes, the biggest disadvantage is the time and effort required, as well as the culinary skills. However, with the wide range of boxed cake mixes available, you can cut short the process and make it more convenient to bake a cake at home. Also, making huge cakes at home is not always possible. It might not be possible to create an elaborate cake if the baker doesn’t have the necessary skills.


As you can see, there are many pros and cons in buying a cake as well as making one from scratch. The main thing to remember is that if you’re terrible at baking, short on time, or have a huge event coming up, it’s best to get a store-bought cake. Otherwise, save money and spend some fun time together with family and friends making a lovely, delicious cake with a personal touch.



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