Continuing Education For A Childhood Educator: Hiring Consultant Services By Seo Manager

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Lifelong Learn, lead by Dr. Ingrid Crowther specializes in early childhood education by providing consulting services, custom workshops, adult and teacher education. This article discusses the many tools and programs beneficial to the early childhood educator.

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A childhood educator dedicates her enthusiasm, and love for children by nurturing their development, and maximizing their potential. Children have different needs, whether it is age, cultural demographic, or based on their ability to learn. By hiring a child consultant to present workshop topics, develop and implement programs, or by purchasing books focusing on developing skills, a childhood educator can continue to progress children's development throughout their learning years. Teachers and program leaders will gain new insight and experience, learning from resources compiled from the latest research and studies.

Types of Programs to Assist the Childhood Educator

A childhood educator can participate in various workshops, presentations and read a variety of material, to supplement their understanding of the child's learning process:

Workshops can be organized with a child consultant. In a workshop setting topics can be organized by location, special needs, age and various other mediums of discussion. By hosting a workshop, the childhood educator and other faculty members will participate with hands on experience, while learning theory behind the topic of choice. By participating in exercises and personal reflections, the childhood educator can fully develop their knowledge of how to increase their student's potential in all aspects of development including: social, physical, cognitive, emotional, and languages.

A childhood educator can find a wide variety of topics online, by reading through prior presentations and seminars, researched by a child consultant. Dr. Ingrid Crowther, from Lifelong Learn, posts conferences, references and past seminars. As the content expert for the publisher, Nelson Canada, Dr. Crowther has created a web-based reference system. This intelligently designed system is useful for the childhood educator, for a variety of topics on young children. In addition to the reference system, Dr. Crowther has developed an interactive resource to help individuals, including the childhood educator, to help young children recognize aspects of play.

Reading through prior presentations is a fantastic method of refreshing training, preparing for a workshop, or for general interest. Dr. Ingrid Crowther offers her presentations online in PowerPoint and PDF format. Titles from her presentations are guaranteed to be interesting and intriguing to a childhood educator. Some presentations include: quality childcare in Canada, creating welcoming environments for children and their families, and developmentally appropriate fitness.

Books are an excellent tool for a childhood educator. A well researched and reputable book on early childhood development has the advantage of self-paced learning, and a quick reference for fact checking and classroom ideas. Books for the childhood educator can range in topics from: early childhood education, child development, safe environments, play, and nutrition. A childhood educator, who regularly reads and refreshes his or her training and knowledge, can bring out a child's full learning potential, with the outmost care and confidence.

The Expert Childhood Educator

Dr. Ingrid Crowther is an expert in the field of childhood education and development. Her research and experience as a childhood educator have taken her across the world, developing and implementing learning process for children of all ages. Her learning materials, geared towards education based environments, can be found on Lifelong Learn website, LifeLongLearn.

Lifelong Learn, lead by expert childcare educator, Dr. Ingrid Crowther specializes in early childhood education by providing consulting services, custom workshops, adult and teacher education. Lifelong Learn also provides education texts and publications for various childhood education stages. For more information please visit



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