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Cure your breast cancer at the best cancer treatment centers in Texas!! By Rheta Mankin

  in Cancer Survival | Published 2013-10-11 08:15:05 | 72 Reads | Unrated


Cancer is a dreadful disease that affects men and women all around the world every year

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Cancer is a dreadful disease that affects men and women all around the world every year. Cancer is the condition in which cells of the body or a particular part of the body grows abnormally and eventually creates a tumor. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women. In breast cancer, abnormal growth occurs in the breast and can remain unnoticed during its early stages.  There are many reasons behind breast cancer, and if not cured properly and immediately, it has the potential to create a serious threat to a patient’s life. North Texas has some of the best cancer
centers in the entire state of Texas providing excellent treatment for breast cancer using various techniques.

Treatment centers in Texas encompass the teams of highly qualified and experienced doctors. These physicians understand that while they review the patient’s results that they should consider all associated aspects and make sure that the treatment is based on both the physical and emotional condition of the patient. The reason behind their ultimate support and care during cancer treatment is that they understand the importance of emotional support is essential to the curing process.

Usually depending on the patient’s condition, cancer treatment can involve one or more than one therapy to eradicate cancer from the patient’s life. Your physician, after discussing your symptoms and other factors will discuss the most appropriate cancer treatment alternatives customized for the patient.  Nowadays, several kinds of treatments are provided to fight breast cancer.

1.    Cancer surgery: It is the most common cancer treatment that includes surgery or an operation to remove or repair the affected part of your breast. Some of the reasons for having cancer surgery is to eradicate cancer from your body. Surgery can be used as a primary treatment and reduces symptoms and side effects.

2.    Chemotherapy: Usually applied solo combined with other therapies. This therapy is efficient in dealing with cancer. Depending on how far the cancer has spread and its type, chemotherapy is used to control cancer advancement and its spread; it removes all cancer cells in your body and reduces cancer symptoms.

3.    Radiation Therapy: known as radiotherapy or x-ray therapy eliminates cancer with particle beams such as x-rays and gamma rays. It destroys the genetic substance that is responsible for the growth and division of the cells resulting in breast cancer.

4.    Hormone Therapy: commonly known as endocrine therapy changes the hormones of the body to control and cure breast cancer.

In Texas, these cancer treatment centers provide customized cancer care. In superior and soothing ambiance, patients receive advanced breast cancer treatment and therapies. These centers are located in the beautiful yet calming atmosphere of Texas to offer their patients the best care in peaceful surroundings.

About the author:
Southlake Oncology is located in the heart of Southlake on Southlake Boulevard. Located adjacent to the beautiful Southlake Town Square our office is on the second floor of the Texas Health Resources Harris Methodist medical office building. Within the clinic our patients will find a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere, an experienced and trained medical staff, and our board certified medical oncology and hematology physicians Dr. James Mackey and Dr. Kiran Kancharla. Southlake Oncology also offers ample and convenient free parking to all of our patients and family members.



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Southlake Oncology is a well-established, reputable medical oncology colon & breast cancer treatment center with locations in Southlake and Irving, Texas.