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Daily Metal Sanitary Ware New Decorative Feature Matching By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2010-03-09 07:47:22 | 179 Reads | Unrated


It is reported that high end products such as bathroom hardware to become the object of people's attention China sanitary ware company's new product development work must be carried out quickly with the industry, the rational allocation of resources, timely resource integration

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It is reported that high end products such as bathroom hardware to become the object of people's attention. China sanitary ware company's new product development work must be carried out quickly with the industry, the rational allocation of resources, timely resource integration. Continue to focus on the new demands of the international market well, understanding new product development trends in developed countries, for improving business is still a very important matter.

At present, China has become the world's largest sanitary ware producing country, sanitary ceramics product
s exported in large quantities to the international market, and growth continue to be optimistic, the situation is very gratifying. However, last year's rise in the price of water, to a certain extent by increasing the burden on people's lives. Is born with a parallel market, new products are sought ware, water saving sanitary ware once again become the home market consumption hot spots. Coupled with the ever changing international market, new demands, sanitary wares new product development, will present the following five features are released out, only for your reference.

The new requirements for sanitary ware products

At present, in accordance with international standards for market access requirements, where domestic sanitary ware exports must meet the ISO90000 international quality system certification. Furthermore, we need to adopt an international standard certification, a number of exports to the U.S. certification of products for national accreditation marks and standards. To direct export to Europe and the United States and other Western developed countries, then one should always pay attention to product standards in these countries, and occur at any time on barriers to trade requirements and changes. Must continue to upgrade the technological content of export products, to continue to improve the grade and value added export products. Such as strengthening the introduction of new sanitary ware production of new technologies, such as antibacterial ceramic nano technology, green products and production technology, and constantly develop a new generation of new high end products to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, but also conducive to high end products into the international market. This trend probably will remain for quite some time. Therefore, the sanitary ware production enterprise in the organization of new product development work and to increase exports, you should attach great importance to this characteristic.

Trends in species diversity

At present, the sanitary ware products, is already far past the traditional concept of a breakthrough. Life as a modern symbol of luxury goods, it enters every aspect of people's lives. That not only has the health and cleaning functions, should also include health care functions, enjoy the functions and entertainment functions. The use of functions, only the sanitary ware products, cleaning methods appeared red rotary type, silent type, Xie Chong style, self contained type, siphon type, jet and so on. Sanitary Product shape appeared Siamese style, with the basin series, Siamese type Toilet, bidet, squatting type devices will be, urinal, mop basin, column or desktop and wash our faces, etc.. In recent years, sanitary ware products are also introduced additional traffic calming bath, cabinet basin, steam room features a range of accessory products. Therefore, the future, sanitary ware market will be showing a variety of diversification trend is self evident.

Full of strong decorative colors

In the past, people use the sanitary ware products, often with white glaze decorated mainly to show its effect the appearance of white jade. But the color of cold adjustment Queshi many people feel uncomfortable. It is now widely accepted based on a variety of opaque white glaze mainly attached to other colors and tones of product appearance. Ware companies should take advantage of the cooperation between a variety of glazes to create a variety of popular new decorative colors. Sanitary ware products, changing the rhythm, just like every year the world's large scale international exhibitions to promote popular clothing colors, as in color from time to time to show leadership on the popular new trend of visual function. Aesthetic perspective as people continually updated with the rapidly changing domestic and international market demand, we must accelerate the development of a new generation of glaze decoration varieties and new products, decorative color. As in recent years, new sanitary ware to a new emerging pink, dark red, baby blue, dark blue, bottle green, pumpkin yellow, pale apricot, green bamboo, black and other colors of the decoration, very popular among consumers of all ages

Should be the construction of a sound manufacturing base accessories

Now, the international sanitary ware production in developed countries, due to sanitary ware products and rich new features, increased its production chain has been implicated in a large number of parts produced. Thus, a mature industry, sanitary wares, it should get more variety of accessories and the ability to support add on products. As with a number of sanitary ware production system closely linked to raw materials, glazes, pigment, model, machine processing, instruments, meters, copper live, as well as the packaging and decoration materials production, should be included as soon as possible to the whole production system. Therefore, China's sanitary ware manufacturing industry is very urgent need to form a complete as soon as possible, and sanitary ceramics production related industry groups and supporting groups, the formation and the terminal phase fit a variety of finished products processing base related accessories.

Integrated product features become more prominent

In accordance with the international market of consumers shopping psychology, a good sanitary ware products, must be able to meet the modern way of life, can have a relatively complete various functions. Such as the use of functionality to meet, but also the need to address water conservation, energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, health, aging, sensor intelligence and many other features available with a clear and strong cyclical concept of green consumption. This requires a new generation of products, must be able to make full use of biotechnology, electronics, sensor technology and integrated high tech achievements, will be combined supporting a variety of new features to improve the sanitary ceramics products, integrated functionality and in kind quality.



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