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Knowing you has been like a fire that has only got

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Darkness Cerpen By Nissa Fatima

  in Short Stories | Published 2016-11-21 03:24:44 | 568 Reads | Unrated


The mess of metal cerpen clanged loudly as its workings were undone

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I blinked a few times and some of my vision returned. The empty hood of Sen looked at me, perhaps waiting for me to respond, but I didn’t feel the energy to do so.

“Let’s get you up then,” Sen said. “I’ll fulfill my end of the bargain.”

Sen carefully lifted me up into her arms and supported my head like a baby. Doing this allowed me to see she had gloved hands like a human. After a few steps she put us within sight of flailing machine in all its madness.

“Stop that,” Sen said, to devastating effect.

p>Falling apart catastrophically, the mess of metal banged into itself and clanged loudly as its workings were undone. The tunnel filled with an eruption of maddening noise so loud that I thought my head may split open, if it hadn’t already.

The dust settled and the noise faded away as the machine lost its ability to move. I could still hear the faint running of a motor and after we made our way through the maze of destroyed metal I spotted the piston pushing fruitlessly at the air.

“It only takes a few snaps here and there to destroy a machine,” Sen said. “To think that I’ve been held in place all this time by a bluff. How utterly shameful. I should have been able to see through the ruse.”

“You couldn’t see the machine,” I found the strength to say. “Your only option was to jump into the fire and hope you wouldn’t get burned.”

“Very well put,” Sen said.

I felt a little better by the time we reached the tunnel filled with seals, but I still couldn’t move. Sen walked us to where the numerous papers began and looked around quietly. I was very curious to see how she would disable them. Would they simply fall off the walls? Would she set the tunnel ablaze ?

“You’re thinking too hard about this,” she told me, taking me by surprise. “Magickal seals like these aren’t so difficult to fiddle with for me. Normally, someone has to get rid of them using magick because their primary function will be activated if you simply try to tear them up or wash out the word. But I can manipulate things in ways others can’t.”

Sen began to walk us down the tunnel casually. As we passed by the seals the writing on their faces vanished. Blank and empty, the papers fell from the rock and gathered together randomly on the floor. The puppeteer’s manipulation of the world was impressive. Even the leathery pages and the curtain bleached to white, returning to simple pieces of paper.

“That is a very large door,” Cerita said. “But nothing we can’t handle. Let’s see if the wolf can help you first.”

With a crouch and some scooting, Sen got us through the small door together. The wolf king was already standing in wait with a big smile on his face, but it faded some when he got a look at us.

“What happened to her?” he asked Sen.

“She was injured helping me escape,” she answered. “Can you heal her?”

“No,” the wolf said. “We need to get out of this prison and back to the surface. I do not have the ability to help the injured. We would need to find someone who could. Someone who knows how to help a half-dead.”

“You couldn’t just let her drink some of your blood?” Sen questioned.

“If I wanted to kill her, I could,” the wolf replied. “She isn’t strong enough to benefit from my blood. It would be poison to her.”

“Well, then,” Sen said, “let’s get to the surface. Your door should be easy to open now.”

The wolf king walked passed us and right up to the door. With a bit of a wind up he banged his head against the old metal and it fell into the tunnel as a single solid piece.

“I can see why you wanted his help,” Sen told me.



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Knowing you has been like a fire that has only gotten bigger with time and there’s no alarm ringing or firemen to rescue me from the flames. You were supposed to be the water that put it out but you can’t reach me and you tremble at the sight of me screaming your name for help. If I had known I’d grow to love you so much I’d fail to save myself I would have just jumped out my open window at the first sign of smoke instead of letting myself burn.