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Decluttering Your Home Before A Move - Why and How? By Rakesh Kumar

  in Home Management | Published 2018-09-05 07:01:56 | 179 Reads | Unrated


There are many reasons why you should clear out all the clutter that you find is useless. This article outlines the reasons and the ways how you can get rid of the extra stuff at your home.

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Before you move your home, it's important to declutter your home. Get rid of all the crap that you don't require in the future. It doesn't make any sense to fill your new space with the stuff that you really don't need. So declutter and keep it light!

Why declutter your house?

Understanding why to go for decluttering your home before moving out is important. It will help you in saving your time and money for your move. It will also save space in the new home. It can also make the home moving process a little less challenging for

you. It will help you achieve the following:

Save on transportation costs: Decluttering will reduce the weight of the shipment that you have to move. Lesser the number of things to be moved, lesser is the cost of your move. Which in turn will inflate the moving cost?

Save on packing time: Obviously, less the number of packing items, less is the time that you will spend on packing. This will enable you to pack much faster.

The yard sale can help you earn some cash: Organise a garage sale and sell out the things that you don't want to use. Selling the old stuff will get you some money that you can add in your moving budget.

Less moving stress: More the number of items you need to pack, the more is the cost, and the more is the moving stress. So, getting rid of the clutter will make you less stressful.

Save Storage space in a new home: If you are taking only the important stuff to your new home it is natural that you will save lots of space in your new home. Decluttering would be highly beneficial in case you're moving to a smaller home.

How to declutter your house?

Decluttering done in a right way can save you from lots of troubles. Here are our expert tips to declutter in an efficient way before you move. You can sell out, donate throw away or keep the things. Let's have a look:

Keep the essentials: Take some boxes in which you can keep all the necessary items that you need in the new house. The New York local movers will help you move these boxes to your new home.

Sell or Donate: Sell out or donate the stuff that is still usable but no more needed to you for your new place. Organise a garage sale and sell away all the unwanted stuff like old clothes, bedding, toys, etc.

If you don't want to sell out your stuff, donate them. Search for the websites which can help you in letting you donate and provide you the free pick up too. E.g. You can contact Goodwill charitable organization to donate your stuff. They also provide free pick-up services. 

Throw away: Throw the items that cannot be repaired or worn out or can't be sold away. In the case of batteries and cells, it is essential to dispose of them properly. Recycle the items that can be.

Pro tip: We recommend you to have separate boxes for each of the above sorting processes. Keep one for the essentials, one containing the items to be donated, and, other containing the items which have to be thrown away.



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