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Develop a Sustainable Environment with Green Corridors By NGHM India

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The government is inviting the participation of several categories of the people like the farmers, institutions that are benefiting from the road transportation, private sector that are likely to enjoy the fruit called Green Highway, forest department and government agencies that are all likely to s upport the sustainable environment. We all should work together to get the fruit of Green Corridors.

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NGHM, has taken the responsibility to develop Green Corridors on highway. The purpose of the Green corridor, India is to reduce the level of pollution and counter the effect of carbon emission caused by the vehicles running 24-hours on the highways.  Don’t let the increasing amount of pollutants spoil the environment. Plant trees on both sides and let greenery and help in building a sustainable environment.

How does a National Highway become the treasure for the country? When the highways are green to look

at there are chances that the country be projected as the well planned country and thus get more attention from the outsiders to invest in it. You could get more funds from the countries that are likely to fund on the interesting projects that are happening in the developing countries like India. Also the Green Highway would ignite the hearts of the drivers those who are driving for a very long distance with the heavy loads on their vehicles. This would reduce the number of accidents. Even the tourists would feel happy about the nation when they have to travel for a very long distance on the highways that are pollution free. Thus the respect for the country would be increased in the tourists. The citizens of the country would also feel proud to have such Green Highway that would increase the fame and name of the country. But, for this to happen there is an extensive exercise that should be made by every citizen.

The youth would also get benefitted because of the several jobs that are created as part of the projects that are likely to build the Green Corridors across all the states and cities of the state. When the government is ready to invest funds in building the infrastructure of the country to grow and for the individuals to get lot many opportunities then why not everyone of us pay attention to these projects. There are many industries that would get benefitted when the highways are maintained well. Several industries are based on the transportation that happens to these highways. Hence is the mission to be strengthened across the nation.

When we say green it is not just about plantation, it does include the concept of reducing the pollution by adopting the methods and solutions that help enhance climate change mitigation. CHG emissions should be more targeted if one has to bring in the sustainable environment all around the country. All the construction and maintenance activities should be adapted with scientific approaches that are likely to reduce the emissions. The technology has changed, but how the technology can be leveraged to attain sustainable environment is to be exercised and should be implemented by the engineers, right from the design phase. Of course, the procurement of the material used for construction should be selected with utmost care so that none of the materials would create roadblocks for these missions .

The emissions and climatic changes could be controlled at the time of constructing the highways when attention is paid to the waste reduction at each stage of construction and also when the recycling and reuse concepts are given heavy weight by the engineers who are designing the plan for constructing the Green Highway.

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To enhance the green highways with employment opportunities for rural community National Green Highways Mission has initiated the roadside plantations along one lakh km network of National Highways to help maintain a Sustainable Environment in India.


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