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Development Trend of China's Boiler Industry By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2010-03-01 06:27:20 | 186 Reads | Unrated


The boiler industry in China is still a growing industry But the present, China's boiler industry and enterprises are also faced with various challenges and opportunities

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The boiler industry in China is still a growing industry. But the present, China's boiler industry and enterprises are also faced with various challenges and opportunities. Boiler industry must adhere to a market oriented strategy, closely rely on the scientific and technological progress, relying on scientific and technological innovation in the national energy and environmental policy under the guidance of restructuring the enterprises, and product mix, manufacture and sale of boilers in order to meet market demand in a highly competitive market share place.

China's boiler mar
ket development, more and more energy policy and energy conservation, environmental protection requirements constraints. With the popularity of high performance products and product quality improvement in 2010, the year will be about 70000 tons of steam boilers need to be updated, along with new installed capacity, from the demand perspective, the demand for industrial boilers per year by 2010 is about 10 ~ 120 thousand tons of steam.

Oil, gas boilers and other boilers using clean burning technology will be faster in large and medium cities in the development of gas fired boilers will have made great progress, burning garbage and biomass boilers market potential, regenerative electric boiler the system with the electric power industry reform and the development of their market will be further widened. Therefore, the use of cleaner fuels and clean combustion technology, high efficiency, energy saving, low polluting boilers will be the boiler product development trends, to high end and high value added product market development. The following briefly describes the use of cleaner energy technologies boilers.

1. Electric heating boilers

Electric heating boilers with a clean, reliable, etc., but the power is a clean secondary energy sources, electricity prices higher, its operating costs are six times more coal fired boilers, fuel gas two times the electrical heating boiler in a long time China has not been very good development. But with the economic development and the acceleration of electric power construction, as well as the strict environmental protection requirements, especially after the implementation of peak and valley electricity to be priced separately, electric heating boiler has been rapid development. Electric heating boilers market will be expanded and the products are still the main heat storage type electric boiler.

2. Oil or gas boiler

Oil or gas fired boilers can not only improve boiler thermal efficiency, but also significantly reduce emissions. But subject to the initial investment and ongoing operational costs. Besides, the government in the promotion of fuel efficient alternative policies, the development of oil fired boiler is expected to be inhibited, but with the state environmental protection efforts of the increase, combined with West East natural gas resources and the use of international implementation of the project, most of the city began to promote the use of clean energy, a large number of gas fired boiler will replace the existing coal fired boilers, gas boilers very broad market prospects. Gas fired boiler is expected in the future will account for an annual output of industrial boilers with the total capacity of 15% ~ 20%.

3. Waste incineration boilers

At present, China MSW composition changed markedly, paper, plastic, wood, fiber and other combustible materials, and other organic matter increased significantly, its quality has basically acquired the burning conditions, municipal solid waste incineration power generation has become possible, for the development of waste incineration created the conditions for the boiler. Take waste incineration to reduce the 90% of the garbage volume, weight decreased more than 70%, with steam heat recovery efficiency of about 85%, into electrical energy is about 30%. So, waste incineration technology in China will become a great potential for development of new industries. Learn from advanced foreign technology, the rapid development of domestic waste incineration boilers, its market prospects are very bright.

4. Gas boiler

The use of biogas technology, gas collection, used for heating, hot water and everyday life. Gas boilers in China are quietly rising, suitable for farms, slaughterhouses, sewage treatment plant, for medium and small cities has been greatly improved energy utilization.



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