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Diva Paws Boutique: Accessories And Apparel That Will Make Your Pet Happy By Seo Manager

  in Pets | Published 2010-07-01 03:56:19 | 224 Reads | Rating 5


Dog apparel and dog accessories from Diva Paws Boutique, one of Ontario’s leading online pet retailers, will be available at Woofstock, the largest dog festival in North America.

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Dog apparel and dog accessories from Diva Paws Boutique, one of Ontario’s leading online pet retailers, will be available at Woofstock, the largest dog festival in North America. Items for sale at this annual festival held in downtown Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market area, include life vests, water toys, boat ramps, pool ramps and many more.

In addition, the retailer recently opened its in-home showroom on May 15, 2010 in Georgetown, Ontario. To attend the in-home showroom, you must book an appointment either online or at Woofsto

The showroom will allow you and your pet to view items before purchasing them, and to get to know the vast range of Diva Paws Boutique pet accessories and apparel on sale.

Buying pet accessories online can result in a purchase that doesn’t meet the approval of your pet. This limitation of online shopping can be eliminated by a visit to the showroom with your pet. Designed to offer a personal shopping experience, the showroom will also offer you the option of placing special orders in case the large selection of pet apparel and accessories on view does not meet the sensibilities and needs of your pet.

Through these two initiatives, Diva Paws Boutique will hope to enhance its growing presence in the pet accessories market and add to its growing popularity among pet owners.

Diva Paws Boutique was started by a veteran pet owner, Melanie Reinhart, who realized that each dog and cat has its own unique needs in terms of apparel and accessories. The realization, that pet safety, and comfort vary from breed to breed and that each breed of dog and cat needs its own unique brand of apparel, led Reinhart to develop a vision for an online boutique that offers dog sweaters, dog beds, cat clothes, and more.

Today that vision has developed into a living entity that keeps growing in popularity and service. Committed to becoming the one-stop shop for pet accessories, Diva Paws Boutique stocks 60 different product lines imported from all over the world.

These product lines vary from the understated to the eccentric, depending on the sensibilities of your dog or cat. This includes dog apparel such as socks, raincoats, and T-shirts which say “Desperate Housedogs” and cat accessories such as the Zoo Rest Oval Bed made from designed faux furs.

While some of the items in their catalogue might appear unique, Diva Paws Boutique also sells more pedestrian pet accessories such as leashes and harnesses and food bowls. Recent arrivals include an assortment of collar tags, Fido fleece jackets, and the Squeeze Meeze range of squeaking latex animals.

For more information on dog and cat accessories and high-quality pet apparel, visit divapawsboutique.

Diva Paws Boutique started due to one person’s passion for animals. Canines and felines are Melanie Reinhart’s delight! Caring for several of her own pets, Melanie came to realize that animals have unique pet clothing and pet accessory needs. For more information


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