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Do Yourself a Favor With Wedding Favors By Sarrah Beaumont

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The wedding dress, wedding reception, and the wedding cake are given top priority for your wedding preparations The rest, the wedding tokens and the gifts for the bridal entourage follows can be handled later

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The wedding dress, wedding reception, and the wedding cake are given top priority for your wedding preparations. The rest, the wedding tokens and the gifts for the bridal entourage follows can be handled later. Then it dawns on you that you don't know what to get for wedding favors because there are several last minute things to do. How do you survive this disaster in the making?

Go the Easy Route

Why make do-it-yourself wedding favors and harass your bridesmaids and family members to slave over the stuff when you can buy a hundred beautiful pieces and at disco
unted price? Of course there is nothing wrong with DIY strategies but if you are working Mondays to Fridays and have a million things to do to ensure you have a hassle-free wedding, order the stuff.

There are tons of wedding favors starting with the traditional stuff down to the quirky and fun items. All you have to do is choose the items that will complement your wedding theme and order them. Then the job is done. Adorning these with tiny ribbons to match reception colors won't be too taxing on the nerves. Your sisters and your bridesmaids can sigh with relief and you have not turned to a screaming virago just because you are the bride-to-be. They can be stressed out too, so better beware.

Shops specializing in wedding stuff have a range of selection and prices so there's no need to sweat over the little things. You can choose the keepsakes that will be well remembered through the years - personalized key chains, mini lanterns, glass coasters, love birds bottle stoppers, and champagne bucket timers. Or you can go for the whimsical such as coffee-scented glasses or snowflake card holders. All of these are exquisitely made and ready to order. Isn't it very easy?

Personalize Your Stuff

Your choice for your wedding favor should always reflect your and groom's personal taste and again the wedding theme. If you are having a beach wedding, you might choose between shell shaped soap or mini lanterns or go with eco-friendly coasters. For fifty guests, spending $1.25 per guests won't blow away your budget and if you can haggle for a discount, which is usually offered by online shops, you can actually save on the items.

Engraving the wedding keepsakes cost a minimal fee but personalizing your stuff gives more meaning to these. If you have opted for non-engravable items, you can have ribbons printed with your names and date and place of the wedding. Your guests will have these displayed with their collection and isn't it a nice thought to have your lovely keepsake given a special place?

DIY vs. Ready-to-Order

DIY wedding favors are unique but it's the question of time and the number of eager helping hands available to help you beat your deadline. If you count the cost of your labor spent on your DIY keepsakes and the stress that goes with it, you are better off with ready-to-order keepsakes.

Think about the spare you can have. There are other important things to do like shopping for the best wedding cake, centerpieces, flowers, DJ, and photographer. Oh you can call them alright, but you still have to see the portfolios of the candidates and that dears should have your time. So do yourself a favor please; take the time to relax, go the easier route with wedding favors.

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