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Drip irrigation is the best when you have water shortage By Irrigation Store

  in Gardening | Published 2017-08-30 11:29:48 | 382 Reads | Unrated


Agriculture is the backbone of any economy in the world. You need to have a strong agricultural sector in the country in order to be prosperous.

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Agriculture is the backbone of any economy in the world. You need to have a strong agricultural sector in the country in order to be prosperous. Now, agriculture is not an easy activity at all. One of the basic requirements of this activity is the availability of water for irrigation. You can have various methods of irrigation depending on the supply position of water. This is because water has become a scarce commodity nowadays. This has given rise to modern methods of irrigation like drip irrigation

and sprinkler irrigation.

When you have less water at your disposal, it is always a great idea to use them wisely. In the normal circumstances, a lot of water goes down the drain while you irrigate the crops. This can be a criminal wastage in case you experience a drought like situation. The best way to conserve water is to ration it perfectly to raise the crops as well as not waste much of it. Drip irrigation is the balancing act you are looking for.  

You need special equipment to lay the drip irrigation system. It involves lying of special pipes and nozzles through which the water would drip on to the soil. You can get this equipment at the irrigation store. Nowadays it is also easy to buy them online at  

There are various advantages of drip irrigation. Let us look into some of them. One of the biggest advantages is that the crops can get a concentrated supply of water on a continuous basis. There is no need to flood the fields with water. You can direct the water supply to the roots thereby maximizing its advantage. The second advantage is that you can mix your fertilizers in the water and supply it together. Alternatively, you can have a separate fertilizer supplying line that can coordinate with the water supply line.  

Naturally, you end up saving a lot of water in the bargain. You can deliver the right quantity of water at the right time. The plants can end up growing healthier. When you use excessive water, you tend to dilute the effects of the fertilizers that can prove harmful to the plants. In the drip irrigation method, there is no question of diluting the effects of fertilizers at any point. You need to use such methods especially when there are chances of suffering water shortage. You conserve water for the tougher days ahead.

A variant of the drip irrigation method is the lawn sprinkler. You might have seen these lawn sprinklers at various gardens and important places that have lawns. The use of the lawn sprinklers is necessary to maintain the lawns in perfect shape. The advantage of using the lawn sprinklers is that they can spread out in all directions and water the lawns uniformly. Controlling them is also easy. You can ensure the optimum supply of water to the lawns when you use these lawn sprinklers. This is also a great way of ensuring that you conserve water.



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