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Easy And Safe Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction By Elissa Williams

  in Medicines and Remedies | Published 2018-09-05 12:51:26 | 150 Reads | Unrated


When a person has the frequent and protracted issue of not getting a proper impotence that is hard enough to allow the penetration then this is known as erectile dysfunction (ED). This problem occurs due to the various reasons such as pressure or other health-related problems.

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What is the problem of erectile dysfunction?


When a person has the frequent and protracted issue of not getting a proper impotence that is hard enough to allow the penetration then this is known as erectile dysfunction (ED). This problem occurs due to the various reasons such as pressure or other health-related problems.


What leads to the problem of ED?


The problem of erectile dysfunction occurs because of health reasons such as high cholesterol & obesity, sometimes pressur

e anxiety or other health issues like a problem in the heart or pulmonary hypertension lead to the problem of ED. There are also other issues like irregular blood pressure that lead to this problem.


Why is generic viagra not allowed while heart issues?


Those who are not advisable to have sex while suffering from a heart problem is because sex gives damage in the heart & can also create blood clot in the heart. So those whose who are suffering from the issues of ED should have a thorough checkup so that the drugs does not have any side-effects on the organ. So before you buy generic viagra you should ensure you are having a healthy heart.


What is the work pattern of this ED drugs?


These ED medications are also known to belong to the PDE 5 inhibitors that allow the cGMP enzymes to have a improve so that the blood vessels can easily relax. This relaxation of the blood vessels allows the blood to easily circulation in the penis and then allow an impotence. Generic viagra also help to release nitric oxide in the blood vessels. This nitric oxide also helps in giving a improve to the cGMP chemical.


Once the blood vessels relax the blood gets filled in the blood vessels & this gives impotence. Once the sexual activity is total the blood goes back to the body and the impotence moves away.


What is the dosage pattern of the Generic viagra?


Generic viagra is also supposed to be orally consumed which can be taken with food or without food but it require to be taken with the help of a light food as this gets absorbed very fast. One dose should be taken just 30 minutes before the start of the sexual activity & this medication remains in the body for about four to five hours. This can also be taken every day once within 24 hours.


This medication comes in different dosages as 50 mg and 100mg and this need to be taken only after discussion with the health expert. If someone is starting with the dosage of this medicine then he can start with the lowest dosage to know if any of the issues are there with generic viagra and then can increase the dosage of the medication. You can also buy generic viagra 100mg which is the most suggested dose.


Generic Viagra is not supposed to be chewed or broken into pieces & this should not be taken with alcohol. Instead, this drug is only supposed to be taken with the help of water and this needs to be taken as a whole without crushing it or without dividing it into parts.


Side-effects of ED treating drug


The side-effects faced by taking this medication is very temporary & is also very rare, you can easily get away from the side-effects once you are accustomed to generic viagra. You can suffer from rare issues like a stress, dizziness or sleepiness. If you suffer from issues such as burning sensation in the chest or hot flashes or suffer from extreme drowsiness then you should meet the health expert at the earliest.


When shouldn’t Generic viagra be taken?


If a person is suffering from the issues of heart or had suffered from a heart attack in the past 6 months should not take this medication. A person should not take this medication when he is suffering from the problem of angina or irregular blood pressure problem. Those who are taking this medication should ensure that they have had an appropriate health check-up that it does not contraindicate any of the health issues. Those who wish to buy online generic viagra should make sure that they talk to the health expert regarding any drug that they are taking whether they are taking the prescribed on non-prescribed or any natural medication.


What are the drugs which should not be taken along with generic viagra?


Generic viagra should not be paired with any form of nitrate or leisure medicine. This should not be taken with the poppers or any other generic medicine like alpha-blockers or any fungal medications such as ketoconazole or Itraconazole. This also should not be paired with any other medication for treating ED. This medication should also not be taken with the help of the other oral drug that is used to treat blood pressure as this ED medication can further reduce the blood pressure of the body.



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