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Eco-Friendly House Moving Tips By Kathe Jonson

  in Home Management | Published 2017-07-19 11:10:00 | 118 Reads | Unrated


With the increasing pollution levels, soaring global temperatures and depleting ozone layer, nearly everyone vows to help the global community by curbing their carbon footprint.

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With the increasing pollution levels, soaring global temperatures and depleting ozone layer, nearly everyone vows to help the global community by curbing their carbon footprint. Though everyone understands the importance of protecting ‘Mother Earth’, not everyone is aware of the ways they can contribute.

Believe me, whichever sector, area, industry or profession one might hail from; every single person can contribute in his/her own simple way.

Like any other task, house moving too affects the environment. Carton boxes, foam pallets, tape rolls, bubble wrap; n

early everything is used and discarded in abundance. So here we are, putting forward some simple eco-friendly house moving tips that will help save money, energy and environment.

  • Reuse – Packing supplies is the most important ingredient of packing and moving household utilities. Do not buy new materials. Instead, recycle and reuse old newspapers, damaged clothing, rugs, etc to pack stuff. A few trusted and reputed house movers in Adelaide understand their duty towards the environment and therefore, recycle and reuse such packing supplies.
  • Turn to biodegradable supplies – Wherever possible, avoid the use of plastics. Plastic sheets, bubble warps, etc are made from plastic. Being non-biodegradable, they harm the environment. Foam pallets, thus, come up as worthy substitutes of bubble wraps. They provide the required protection to fragile items and are easy on nature too.
  • Do not overuse packing supplies – While a novice believes in overusing packing materials to guarantee protection, skilled and knowledgeable crew at removal companies Adelaide base their work on technique. Professional house movers Adelaide know the right technique and are equipped with the best tools to pack without overusing packing supplies, thus, reducing the burden on the environment.
  • Put up a garage sale – It is definitely not viable to move the belongings that you do not require. Rather than shelling out additional packing and moving cost to move the same, consider putting up a garage sale. Old furniture, books and clothes; sale out whatever is not required. This will not only generate some extra cash, but also promote reuse and recycle of your extra commodities.
  • Move comprehensively – Cutting down on petrol/diesel use is the best way one can reduce their carbon footprint. Do not move your belongings in bits and parts. Instead, hire professional house movers Adelaide who have the ability and resources to undertake comprehensive removals in one trip.
  • Opt for back loading facility – Without doubt, back loading service is the best facility that house movers can avail. As you pay only for the space occupied for a one-side move, it is easy on pocket and environment. Removalists Company Adelaide too understand this and offer economical packages for the same.

If you are also considering an eco-friendly house move and are looking for expert house movers in Adelaide, CBD Movers is a trusted and well-renowned name. At CBD Movers, we understand the importance of conserving the environment. Our fuel-efficient trucks, skilled and fully trained furniture removalists, advanced wherewithal and customized services help us undertake an eco-friendly house move. Call us at 1300 223 668 today to know more about our moving to and from Adelaide services.



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