Electric Garage Doors Are Worth the Price By William F. Gabriel

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When it comes to garage doors, price often comes into the discussion This is only natural, since the garage door is the single largest moving part of the home – in most homes anyway

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When it comes to garage doors, price often comes into the discussion. This is only natural, since the garage door is the single largest moving part of the home – in most homes anyway. A garage door is big and can also be quite heavy, especially if it is made of wood. At times, home owners will choose to save money and skip on the option of buying electric garage doors.

Now this may be a mistake. While they do indeed cost more, electric garage doors make up for it in their usefulness and convenience. With an electric driving mechanism, you have a means of opening and closing th
at large door with the press of a button. This means that you can save time by not having to step out of your vehicle just to open or close the door. Now imagine how happy you can be about not needing to step out under the pouring rain, searing heat, or bone-chilling cold just to get the door.

Most contemporary electric garage doors are also loaded with lots of features that justify their price tags. Maintenance-free designs or minimal-maintenance models are something to look for, while emergency releases are a must. In-mechanism locking systems are also a great bonus, since they provide a way of securing the door that potential burglars can’t reach. Methods to increase home security are always welcome bonuses.

There are lots of designs to choose from, so you can easily find something that matches the look and feel of your home. You can choose the color, or even get some simulated wood overlays. Just note that available styles vary according to the type of door you choose to install.

Speaking of door types, you need to remember that different operation mechanisms are available for garage doors. Some open out and swing up, while others roll away under the ceiling, and yet others open by swinging out sideways. Some require a fair bit of clearance in various areas, so your choices may be limited by the current setup of your garage.

The most common option for material is steel. Thin sheets of steel are pressed and folded into sturdy yet light structures that make for great garage doors. Less common but no less valued are fibreglass and PVC, which are lighter and can be moulded into many more designs. It is simply a matter of balancing various preferences. The PVC and fibreglass are also specially formulated and prepared to be resistant to the Sun’s harmful UV rays, which would otherwise cause the plastics to become brittle and shatter-prone.

You can get wooden garage doors with integrated driving mechanisms today too. Manufacturers know the beauty and value of wood, which is why they provide it as an option for the discerning homeowner. Of course, in most cases you can also attach an electric door operator to your old door too! So why not go and check out your options today? You can be sure that whatever you choose to buy, your money would have been well spent.


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