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Electronic Tolling Accomplishes a Remarkable Feat as FASTag Downloads By snithika maaya

  in Travel | Published 2018-05-28 05:13:26 | 164 Reads | Unrated


Electronic Tolling Accomplishes a Remarkable Feat as FASTag Downloads Touch the 2 Million Mark ETC (also called as FASTag) vehicles should get RFID tags fixed on them. This helps Toll Plazas in collecting toll fee in a hassle-free manner.

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To address the concerns relating to congestion, and to fasten the process of toll payment on the highways, The Government of India introduced a method known as Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), which allows payment of toll taxes via FASTags. Fastag is a tag which allows specific tools to automatically deduct the toll charges for the car, without going through the hassle of stopping for cash transactions on the toll gates. FASTag is Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology-enabled and is fixed on the windscreen of the vehicle. To fasten the process of buying FASTags and making it mor

e convenient for the users, two mobile applications are in place. More than 2 million people have now purchased FASTags, which is an extraordinary achievement. The users can purchase FASTags on the web from the National Highway Authority of India, IHMCL (Indian Highways Management Company Ltd) and several issuing banks’ websites. 

The usage of the tags is simple and saves time of the passing travellers. Whenever a customer is passing through a FASTag enabled toll booth, the RFID technology electronically deducts the exact toll amounts automatically. For this, the customers are required to keep sufficient funds in their bank account, which is linked to their FASTag accounts. 

There are several pros attached to owning a FASTag. Firstly, the payment on toll plazas becomes quick and easy. There is no need to carry cash while passing through tolls as well. The congestion problems that surface the National Highways (NHs) of the country has are also addressed as the movement of vehicles near the toll plazas is nearly non-stop. The customers also receive SMS alerts on their mobile phones for transactions and, in case, the FASTag’s balance is low. Customers may also avail 10 percent cash back for each toll payment they make. A customer-centric web portal makes it a complete package.

Multiple recharge facilities of FASTags also allows the customers to recharge by cheque or online via Debit Cards, Credit Cards, RTGS, NEFT or Net Banking. The recharge limit for one single transaction can vary from Rs 100-1 lakh which is the set limit. The issuing agency also has their own way of allowing customers to recharge their FASTags.

In the next two years, the government is also said to be planning a push to increase the frequency of digital payment of toll by half of the vehicles that are already plying on roads. In most developed countries, a high majority of road commuters pay their toll taxes through an electronic system. The implementation of FASTags has benefits that will be reaped in the longer run, but the download statistics discussed above clearly indicate that the country’s shift to an electronic mode of tolling system is progressing according to plan.


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