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Engineering in Baking : Aerodynamic Cakes By Pankaj Sharma

  in Food and Drinks | Published 2016-10-21 05:07:27 | 262 Reads | Unrated


Applying concepts of aerodynamics and engineering in baking has lead to some amazing anti gravity cakes. Here are the some ideas of aerodynamics cakes which is useful for any cake artist or in party or event.

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You think you’ve seen everything that there is to be seen in the world of cake design world, but chances are, you haven’t seen many cakes that go beyond regular cake stands and defy gravity itself. Applying concepts of aerodynamics and engineering in baking has lead to some amazing anti gravity cakes. But what exactly is a gravity-defying cake? Cakesmiths sells cake decorating tools and cake moulds online in India, and in this article we’ll take a look at aerodynamic anti gravity cakes.


Gravity-defying cakes

are constructed in a manner so as to suspend both perspective and belief by making garnishes, portions of the cake, or the entire cake appear to float in mid-air. This is achieved by scaffolding, or using plastic straws, metal straws or bamboo sticks that are either concealed within the cake or disguised with icing, buttercream, ganache or icing. The concept of gravity-defying cakes has fueled the imagination of bakers from around the world, who have created outrageous and innovative concepts of cakes that range from soda cans pouring into foaming glasses or birds suspended in the air while unravelling ribbons from present boxes.


If you’re an experienced and seasoned baker, you might want to give this cake a try for an extravagant wedding. You’ll need a few pairs of hands to help assemble it, but it will be totally worth it in the end. Of these designs, one of the best of these gravity defying cakes is the suspended chandelier cake and is a must-have for any wedding. The chandelier cake moved into mainstream attention not long ago when Actress Kaylee Cuoco, of The Big Bang fame, ordered a large cake for wedding. The cake, created by The Butter End, was the centerpiece at Kaylee’s New Year’s Eve wedding celebration and was literally hanging from the ceiling upside down.


Normally, suspended cakes are held up from a suspension from the ceiling. However, not all chandelier cakes need to be so extravagant or intimidating. Also make cupcake using silicone cupcake mould online India. Smaller-sized chandelier cakes are a great start for those who want to attempt a chandelier cake. Here are some ideas that you can use as your chandelier cake:


1. Upside Down Cake: The upside down wedding cake, created by American cake artist Colette Peter, is a whimsical yet elegant take on the aerodynamic cake design, minus the intimidating hanging aspect.


2. Table Hanging Cake Stand: Take a baby step towards the big hanging colossus with this smaller version of the chandelier cake. Add a string of hanging crystals around the edges for a lovely chandelier effect. This cake is excellent for a birthday party as well.


3. Floating Cake: If the idea of a hanging cake still strikes fear in your heart, then create the chandelier-effect with a floating effect. Use a perspex cake separator with hung crystals which creates an ultra-glam wedding cake display.


4. Suspended Cake on a Swing: This hanging cake features a regular tiered cake sitting atop a suspended swing is another great way to incorporate the aerodynamic hanging effect for a cake. One can use a number of different things in place of simple rope, such as crystal beads or flowers wrapped around the suspending cords to add more flair and glam to the cake.



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