Ever Thought About Automating Your Garage Doors? By William F. Gabriel

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For many of us, garage doors are just there We use them every day, we open and close them, we use them to provide access and secure our garages, but that is about it

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For many of us, garage doors are just there. We use them every day, we open and close them, we use them to provide access and secure our garages, but that is about it. In fact, most of us still operate our garage doors by hand. Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about automating your garage door?

The thing is, adding an electric door operator to your door is not just a matter of luxury, but can actually keep you safe and save time for you. For example, consider that it is raining and you need to open up the garage door. If it was automated and activated via remote co
ntrol, there would be no need to step out and get wet.

Automated garage doors can greatly speed up tasks like driving in and out of garages. For one thing, if your garage door was not automated, you would need to get in and out of your car several times in the course of the day. This is certainly not helpful if you are rushing to get to some appointment. If it was automated, you would get in the car, click the remote control, start up the engine, and wait a few seconds to drive out. Then, at another click of a button, the door would start closing on its own – you don’t even have to wait for it to finish! Those precious seconds add up, considering you use your garage door at least twice a day, everyday.

Automation can also bring an advantage that you might not have thought of: improved security. Some door operators have a locking mechanism inside the driving structure, a place that ordinary burglars cannot reach from the outside. Whereas an older door may be secured by a door lock that can be popped or jimmied, garage doors with secure door operators are protected by more than one physical lock. You can even install fingerprint readers to grant access only to a select few individuals. In any case, automation takes the work out of opening the garage door, which is good news for those with bad backs and trick knees.

Automating garage doors is not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Since these doors are oriented differently and have different mechanisms of movement, you have to install the right kind of operators for them. Size and weight also come into play, and you cannot expect a motor to move something that exceeds its capacity to do work.

For example, the Hormann SupraMatic line is great for up-and-over as well as sectional doors, and can be adapted to work for side-hinged doors, but it is not compatible with rollups and canopy type doors. It can also open doors that are up to 5.5 meters wide, and the weight will change how quickly it operates. On the positive side, it is easy to install and operate, has a lot of safety and other features, and is maintenance free. Consider the SupraMatic line of door operators from Hormann when you are looking to automate your door.


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