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A high degree of expertise is required for modern boatbuilding. The structural integrity of the vessel is the key concern for those looking to purchase their first boat or fix an older model.

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A high degree of expertise is required for modern boatbuilding. The structural integrity of the vessel is the key concern for those looking to purchase their first boat or fix an older model. That's why it's important that you hire a company with years of experience as expert boatbuilders, a company that understands the industry inside and out and can offer an array of different aesthetic and structural styles to meet their customers' distinct requirements.

Since 1957, Hike Metal has been one of the leading boatbuilders in North America. Their facilities are strategicall

y located on the north shore of Lake Erie, which ensures that the company has extensive access to both clients and suppliers alike.

Through a combination of leading class design engineering, exceptional production standards and professional understanding in the field of boat construction, Hike Metal continues to stay ahead of their competitors in the market. Working with clients in the government, private and commercial sectors, the company is best known for combining high quality production standards with maximum working efficiency and ensuring that each vessel that leaves their shipyards is ready to pass certification inspection.

Hike Metal's building process begins with an initial consultation with the customer to discuss the class and functional requirements of the vessel. This marks the beginning of a close working process, as their experts ensure that customer specifications are met with precise, customized solutions. This operational ethos of open communication carries forward into the building of the ideal vessel for the customer, as each department within Hike Metal, from design to construction, maintain constant communication throughout the building process to ensure that each step is aligned both with customer expectations and the high standards expected of each product Hike Metal builds.

In addition to Hike Metal's primary construction and repair offering, the company offers a plethora of services each to designed to meet their clients' distinct needs. These services include non-destructive weld testing, naval architecture and marine engineering for vessels that require extensive calculations systems analysis, interior joinery work and sandblasting and paintwork.

As specialist boatbuilders, Hike Metal only utilize new steel, which has been proven to offer high-powered durability and a strong defence against corrosion and rusting within a multitude of vessels. The company's exceptionally high quality welding is assured thanks to their certification from the Canadian Welding Bureau.

Indeed, quality assurance is one of Hike Metal's most prominent strengths. The organization achieves their high levels of quality through a series of stringent quality assurance steps. These steps begin with documented purchase orders, which ensure that only the highest quality materials is utilized in the construction of the client's vessel. The company's boat design specialists then use the latest and most innovative design technology to plot out a computerized version of the boat's hull lofting. This vital quality assurance process helps to ensure precise construction and high levels of structural composition.

With great pride in each vessel that their specialists build and repair, Hike Metal continues to set the bar when it comes to excellence within the field. When you require expert precision that only the best boatbuilders and repair experts can offer, trust the job to Hike Metal.

About Hike Metal:

Hike Metal is an industry-leading boat manufacture and repair company. They offer public, private and commercial sector clients a first-class selection of services designed to meet their distinct vessel construction and repair requirements. For more information, please visit Hikemetal.

As accomplishes boatbuilders Hike Metal has established one main fact that we are very versatile in the various types of boats they build. Ensuring their clients with secure shipyards and advanced technology. For more information, please visit


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