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Experts Said That Energy Conservation is Still Not Formed a Complete System of Communications By Lanbo Jiang

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The establishment of government-based certification system can be neutral, to develop practical business energy saving strategic planning, building energy consumption requirements based on performance appraisal system is the key to energy saving system Consumption of 20 billion per year

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The establishment of government-based certification system can be neutral, to develop practical business energy saving strategic planning, building energy consumption requirements based on performance appraisal system is the key to energy saving system.

Consumption of 20 billion per year.

Degrees of power; a variety of energy cost over 10 billion yuan; total power consumption in the industry ranked 14 ... ..., March 26, the newspaper held by the communications industry "2008 Green Communications and Energy Innovation Seminar Council ", by government departments, b
usiness executives, and industry experts cite a series of startling energy consumption data telecommunications industry. Although the communications industry is not energy-hungry, but equally daunting task of energy saving.

Communications industry is not only a high-tech industry is a high energy-consuming industries. With the continuous expansion of network scale, the core communications network equipment, power systems and engine room, the base station and so multiplied, great energy. "Telecommunications industry has developed rapidly, a large number of uninterrupted rapid growth of communications networks to bring electricity, energy conservation is very promising. Some of the base stations use low-power design, the overall power savings of up to 30% and 40% of great potential. "high-tech industry NDRC Deputy Director of the Division of Information Industry, said Xu Bin.

At present, the Ministry of Information Industry has successively promulgated the "electronics industry, energy management," the "furnaces and warehouse machinery and electronics industry classification Series" and other energy-saving emission reduction norms guiding China's four major mobile operators have also set up energy conservation Leading Group, and developed a series of specific measures and targets, research and new technologies to promote energy conservation.

Although energy conservation has become an important work of the telecommunications business on the agenda, but how to establish a scientific and effective energy saving system, unified standards and regulation is still pending. This issue has become the most parties involved in this seminar focus.

Improve the policy and the regulatory system.

Although energy conservation issues into public view only a year's time, but the communications industry to promote energy conservation and policy-makers have already begun. According to Ministry of Economic System Reform and Economic Operation Bureau introduced WANG Bing, deputy director of Ministry of Information Industry has organized a electronic energy-saving products, and promote conservation of natural resources and technology and on the key energy facilities renovation work.

Currently, the Division is working on developing economic operation "on speeding up the electronic information industry guidance for energy conservation" and to participate in the NDRC, "waste electrical and electronic products recycling regulations," the development work.

Although the relevant guidance has been implemented in the real work, but "the whole country in terms of the macro design, energy saving and emission reduction system is imperfect, and requires regulations, policies, further improve the recycling system, and further to the establishment of incentives consumers, manufacturers may participate in the work of energy saving to them. "said Xu Bin.

Ministry of Planning and Design Institute of Telecommunications Research Institute deputy director Lu Chun-plexus proposed policy and regulatory proposals to protect energy consumption, he pointed out: first, to establish the neutrality of the government-based certification system availability. Second, the operating companies that make strategic energy consumption to energy saving measures, programs to the company's strategic planning at the same time, the development of the network to carry out scientific planning and optimization, so to meet the business development The premise, as far as possible to save resources.

In addition, enterprises should establish a sound operational energy consumption requirements based on performance appraisal system and appraisal system will be integrated with the planning, implementation of energy saving initiatives operating businesses.

Create a new energy-saving technology.

At present, the communications network energy consumption is mainly concentrated in the communications equipment and computer room equipment. According to estimates, IDC room air-conditioning energy consumption accounts for about 50%, communications equipment accounted for 40% of energy consumption. How to make the two parts of energy consumption reduction is the key to communication. Accordingly, many operators and equipment manufacturers are based on their practical experiences of innovative energy-saving technology.

Li Yong, vice president of Alcatel Shanghai Bell pointed out that to achieve the goal of energy conservation, promote technology and innovation is a very important part of reducing the power consumption of a single product, making equipment, a substantial decline in overall consumption, actually got the point some of the key, but more important is the product of the integration, through the modular design, intensive use, so power consumption is reduced overall communications products.

In air conditioning energy conservation, China Netcom is the fuzzy control technology, according to outdoor air temperature and humidity and temperature changes in the indoor environment, the flexible adjustment of working parameters on each air-conditioned setting, to optimize the operation of the program control state of each air-conditioning, room temperature control to meet the need to achieve energy-saving purposes. The technology energy saving rate around 20%.

In addition, the use of new energy carriers has become yet another innovative method of energy conservation. Inner mobile through the use of wind and solar power supply system based not only solve the problem of mobile phone network coverage, while the average annual festival each base station can charge nearly five thousand degrees. Operator representative: currently consists of additive technology, new wind technologies, intelligent energy-saving heat exchanger technology, dual-density, carrier frequency, distributed base stations and other leading technologies have been applied to the energy saving work, and achieved good results.

Energy conservation is a responsibility.

Application of new technologies for communication opens a new energy saving space, but these technologies are also accompanied by increased uncertainty and cost. China Telecom's network operation and maintenance of Maintenance Technology Division Shi-Zhong Yang, Senior Sales Director, said the new energy-efficient technologies, China Telecom uphold a cautious approach. Statistics show that operators have put on energy saving billions of dollars.

Although the energy to do to pay a certain price, but as the deputy general manager of China Unicom's operation and maintenance of the Department of Cuirong Chun said: "energy saving more for telecommunications companies is a social responsibility."

Representatives of the participating operators told reporters: Currently, energy conservation has been incorporated into the standard management at all levels among telecom companies, some provinces has made it clear the 2008 energy conservation targets, due to the establishment of organizations, energy saving get a more complete and comprehensive. We have reason to believe that 2008 will be a year of communications networks more green.



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