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Exploration and Study of Bamboo Fiber By Lanbo Jiang

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Chinese people have always loved bamboo, China is the world's research, training and utilization of bamboo, the first country Long history of bamboo bamboo fiber available culture is greatly looking forward to and loved the psychological basis of

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Chinese people have always loved bamboo, China is the world's research, training and utilization of bamboo, the first country. Long history of bamboo bamboo fiber available culture is greatly looking forward to and loved the psychological basis of ... ... from bamboo in Chinese history and cultural development and spiritual and cultural formation of the enormous role of bamboo and Chinese poetry and landscape painting has a long history of relationship building, and Bamboo is closely related with people's lives is not difficult to see that China deserves to be called as the "bamboo civilized c
ountry." No one kind of bamboo plant can be as human civilization as such far reaching impact, China's "bamboo culture" thus goes back.

Bamboo grows fast, strong adaptability, and also has a wide range of uses. Bamboo and people's lives, involve the use of bamboo clothing, food, shelter, transportation, use of all. In the apparel side, bamboo clothing of the Chinese people play an important role in the origin and development. Qin and Han dynasties appeared with a bamboo cloth, take bamboo crown, made of bamboo products bamboo rain shoes, bamboo hats, bamboo umbrella, still in use. Bamboo fabric Lingnan region in the Tang Dynasty was an important tribute to one of the several counties, or the ancient people of bamboo decorative material on the bamboo culture of contribution to human clothing. Bamboo and the relationship of human life, as Su stated: "Bamboo shoots for food, home bamboo tile, set by bamboo raft, cooking, bamboo, bamboo clothes are leather, books are bamboo paper, bamboo shoes, you can not really be said day gentleman has. "

Extraction of natural bamboo fiber. Although bamboo is so well known, cherished, was so widely used in life, but the processed bamboo fiber, textile and apparel products produced in recent years or something. Can be said that humans and bamboo have Qiefu of "close contact" is developed from the beginning of the bamboo fiber.Bamboo fiber is extracted from the bamboo as a green environmentally friendly fibers, the main composition is cellulose, the fiber diameter of 0.03 0.18mm fiber length 10 40mm. Water content is less than or equal to 15%. Compared with other fibers, due to its high environmental protection, good ventilation, a unique elasticity, water absorption and a strong vertical and horizontal strength of good features, but more and more industry attention by and utilization. Since the special structure of bamboo fiber, natural cross section of a high degree of "hollow", industry experts said the bamboo fiber is "breathing fabric."

After the bamboo fiber is a special processing, handling and without any chemical additives produced by the natural, green products, the value of its length and fineness of cotton fibers than the rich, slightly more hollow and porous, stiffness also be greater, both high absorbent capacity and good air permeability, as well as the unique resilience, and a series of advantages compared to cotton fibers. Bamboo fiber covered with oval cross section of the pores, you can instantly absorb and evaporate water; bamboo fiber is difficult to place mildew, easy to breed bacteria. Made with the fabric, feel smooth and delicate, full and quite broad, with strong breathable air permeability; with clothing made of fibers than valuables, there is no sense of restraint, freedom of movement, unrestrained, relaxed and comfortable wearing sense and feel good. Combined with years of cultural accumulation of bamboo, bamboo fiber clothing appear very popular.

Bamboo fiber has many advantages, can be summarized as the following five areas:

1. green. Production of bamboo fiber bamboo grows in the mountain environment from the use of pesticides, 100% bamboo fiber can degrade, is pollution free environment friendly fiber. Used in high tech production process, making it without any chemical additives remaining natural fiber.

2. cool type fiber. Bamboo is the only cool type of natural fiber, this fiber is a natural hollow, plum shaped cross section arranged in a highly breathable, warm and good, to avoid the traditional cylindrical fibers with poor ventilation defects, filling a natural cool Fiber blank.

3. health care function. Natural honey with bamboo bamboo fiber and pectin components, the composition is useful for skin health, bamboo fiber UV capability, this fiber production of spring and summer on the skin better UV protection.

4. recovery, and can be machine washable, non iron, fiber dyeing good. Since the natural resilience of bamboo, bamboo fiber production of fabrics has strong stability and crease resistant, machine washable and have a good effect free ironing, great convenience to the consumer. Bamboo fiber dyeing performance, easy to color, color fastness in 3.5 above.

5. the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo fiber. Bamboo in natural environment can be kept free of insects, not rotten, because bamboo is a natural antibacterial ingredients exist in the "bamboo benzoquinone." In the production process of bamboo fiber, through continuous testing, preservation of its natural anti bacterial antimicrobial function, and adopted the Shanghai Institute of Preventive Medicine, Japan Textile Inspection Association test. Bamboo fiber can fight the bacteria, including golden staph, pneumonia bacteria, green bacteria and E. coli concentration.

Throughout Europe and the United States market, with clothing made of bamboo fiber fabric has become a favorite of consumers. According to the media description, in the Japanese market, a women made of bamboo fiber coats the market price up to 500 U.S. dollars. "Paper with bamboo dress clothes" has become a female fashion consumer. The reason why bamboo fiber apparel favored by the international market, not only by the return to nature and source of evergreen plants, sake, more importantly, it has the incomparable advantage of other fibers, such as the excellent colorability, rebound, drape, wear resistance, antimicrobial resistance, especially moisture, put wet, breathability and top all the first fiber. Bamboo fiber cross section are covered with large and small gaps, can absorb and evaporate water in an instant, the hot summer wear bamboo fiber fabric making clothes, It was especially cool. There is a growing awareness of the importance of health when, wearing clothing made of bamboo fiber and healthy new trend of fashion.

Bamboo fiber clothing advantages:

1. absorbing or releasing moisture, breathable clothing for all types of fiber head; wear comfortable, do not leave sweat, chill, in particular, people feel especially cool in summer. Dongnuanxialiang wearability with.

2. good natural antibacterial, antimicrobial function, skin injury.

3. significant UV protection, especially against UV in human skin cancer.

4. soft, smooth, with a special bamboo texture and drape, easy care.

5. bright colors, has a special luster. Excellent dyeing, color fastness, do not produce toxic effects on people.6, wear and pilling, easy scratch.Bamboo fiber clothing biggest advantages: moisture absorbing comfort, anti ultraviolet, anti bacterial.



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