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Fashion is Incomplete without Jewellery By Dheeraj Sharma

  in Womens Interest | Published 2017-11-01 10:56:37 | 362 Reads | Unrated


Jewellery has undergone several transitions since its emergence but how it has become a crucial and most notable part of our costumes is worth reading.

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For thousands of years, humans have been customizing their clothes with jewellery. Regardless of the material it has been made from, every jewel they wear somehow adapts to their costumes to produce a different look altogether. But what exactly is jewellery and what has kept its use in continuity throughout the multiple ages of mankind? Like it is very commonly said, each of the humans is different, meaning to say that each of them has a unique pattern of thinking, a different taste in selecting the type of clothing to wear, distinctive cultural beliefs and practices, etc. And despite these

differences, he or she is special. But even then, one thing can be said with certainty that every being wishes to appear good. It would also not be wrong to say that so many humans have come and gone but they all had some level of fondness for jewellery. One of the things worth noting would be that though we all differ in the quality and quantity of the ornaments that we put on ourselves but we have a desire to build enchanting jewellery collections. Some people may not be wearing jewellery every other day but they do have an amazing assemblage. Let us ponder more to know what we attach with these jewels that they become so special and meaningful for us?

In the simplest of words jewellery can be understood as a collective term to signify commodities, such as, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings, etc., which are used for decorating the body, therefore, making the appearance of the wearer more appealing and attractive. This is what most of today us understand it as, however, the meaning of jewellery was not exactly the same some centuries ago. In the initial stages of the emergence of jewellery, while some men and women did consider this brilliant discovery as a means of approaching more closely towards beauty, to others ornaments remained special objects with some kind of mystical powers that could invite good fortune or protect against demonic energies. During the ancient period, in particular, women have fancied flowers for decorating themselves on various occasions. They would place them over their ears or weave them with their braids to associate more closely with beauty in its natural form. Sometimes they would tie them into a string to create a neck-piece. Likewise, they would wear them on their hands. However, most of the flowers live for one day or less. This may have lead to the idea of creating something perennial which would last for apparently a longer time.

Interestingly, man found the source for the same in nature. Wooden beads, colored stones, shells, metals, especially of the precious kind, bones, etc., were woven in enthralling patterns to create extraordinary jewels for customizing with clothes. But then again the question arises that why all the generations of humans had and still have the desire for jewellery. The simple answer is that the look of any costume is incomplete without jewellery. A manner of wearing clothes and accessories or ‘fashion’, as we would call it today, has become a practice which we all, consciously or unconsciously, follow. It is formed by the most prevailing styles as well as the latest trends. Fashion has taught us to exhibit the courage to wear something different because usual can be monotonous and boring. The utmost characteristic of fashion is that it keeps changing every now and then. And the larger segment of credit would go to the iconic personalities and celebrities who not only create but also bring to the audience a fresh style of clothes and fashion accessories.

Jewellery with hefty structures and traditional designs was the most popular among both men and women during the ancient times and so were long chains formed with multiple pearls and precious metals. Collar necklaces or close-fitting pieces for neck were worn most by women. While the same necklaces are prevalent even today, additions like dangling chains or drops have been made to them to make them look more contemporary and modern. The jhumka earrings are traditional Indian accessories which were admired hugely by Indian women. These still enjoy the same affection today but their popularity has become widespread in regions beyond India too. In the recent years they have come to be more elaborately detailed with not just precious, semi-precious but artificial stones as well. Also, they are no longer paired with traditional and cultural costumes only but with western wear like denims and short kurtis too, because now the concern is with looking more charming. Hence, the ways of wearing jewels have undergone change and have further strengthened the importance of jewellery.

Fashion is not merely about looking glamorous all the time. It is also about making your appeal more impressive and influential depending upon your profession as well as attributes. Queens always wore jewellery even when there was no festive or special occasion. In jewellery they found a way of celebrating their dignity and rank in the state. It would be worth pondering that had they chosen to remain simple, they would have been counted amongst the common people. Also, with jewellery adding to their sovereign appeal, they had been able to exercise their supreme powers and function their duties with greater feel and strength, like crowns enable them to signify their authority more strongly. Similarly, brides cannot be said to be complete without traditional sort of ornaments, especially the ones with floral patterns. Most of us would agree with the idea that the most special thing to women about marriages is bridal jewellery. They have always dreamt of what their dresses would be like and the right type of jewellery which would enhance these dresses. We can also understand this through a modern example. The function of an employer or businessman is to work at the executive level and plan the betterment of his or her organization. The manner of clothing and accessorizing would either intensify or diminish the appeal of such a person. People engaged in the professional arena and that too at important positions choose to wear jewellery which seems elegant and sophisticated. Men in the corporate world look more assertive when they wear gold chains with slender structures and chained bracelets. Classy stud earrings, silver pendants and elegant rings would carry working women seamlessly for longer durations.

Another notable attribute of jewellery is that it keeps reviving as well, meaning to say that the older forms emerge again with some form of transition made. Beaded jewellery would be the best example to understand this. Necklaces and bracelets formulated with beads spoke largely about cultures and traditions. Beadwork has been immensely crucial to Africa. To Africans, beads represent spirituality. They would wear beaded ornaments with specific patterns depending on the occasion. But has the practice remained restricted to Africa? Or has it been adopted by inhabitants of the regions beyond it? While people can be seen spotted wearing beaded jewellery around the globe, they may or may not be wearing it with the same cultural perspective but to add a little glimmer to their attires. It brings out the cheerful side of the wearer when customized with casuals. Multicolor beaded bracelets when worn in stacks produce an exotic look.

The mass production of jewellery with machines is itself a factor that indicates the demand as well as significance it has obtained in the contemporary days. Silver jewellery, gold jewellery, diamond jewellery and jewellery with precious gemstones have always been high in demand despite their rising prices because people feel special when they perfect their appearance with fine jewellery. For people who may not be able to afford fine jewellery, an excellent alternative is beaded jewellery, fashion jewellery as well as metal jewellery. However, this is not to say that these types are not preferred by those who can bear the expense of precious ornaments without burning holes in their pockets. Each type of jewellery comes with its own beauty, the only difference is of the type of material used in the formulation. The craze for fashion jewellery has increased immensely due to its innovative use of vibrant colors. It has given the people some of the most adorable inventions, such as, ornaments featured with pom poms and tassels. These may lack the sparkle of the metals but the produce a pleasing appearance which brings out the look of the costume of the wearer. These puffy and gentle embellishments brighten not only the garments but also add freshness to the mood of the person who is wearing these.

Amidst so many stores which specialize in selling various types of jewellery, it can be difficult to identify the ones which sell high quality jewellery at pocket-friendly prices. is a top-notch online jewellery stores which has established itself to provide the customers with the most contemporary and exquisite designs of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, cuffs, anklets, rings, earrings and other fashion accessories at budgetary prices. One can buy unique pieces from its extensive range of fashion jewellery, silver jewellery, beaded jewellery, metal jewellery. It uses materials of best quality to create designer pieces of jewellery.



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