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Features Socks Digging Market Gap By Lanbo Jiang

  in Marketing | Published 2010-04-27 08:26:20 | 222 Reads | Unrated


Right now, called "foot massage socks" feature of socks in the market quietly popular This socks are printed with both positive and negative points of foot reflex zones diagram, corresponding to a different number of dimensions, to solve the memory and identify the foot, "reflex zones in the points" location problem

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Right now, called "foot massage socks" feature of socks in the market quietly popular. This socks are printed with both positive and negative points of foot reflex zones diagram, corresponding to a different number of dimensions, to solve the memory and identify the foot, "reflex zones in the points" location problem. Graphic wear socks can know the exact location of their foot points, with the help, "sensitive palpation and stick" to help consumers in the foot inspection information on diseases and health hazards found, and can detect the disease found in routine physical examination is diffi
cult aura.

It is understood that such listing will be selling socks, once hot.The crisis of 2009, so many companies feel the pressure, according to the latest statistics show that China's export value of socks the first time since 2009, a downward trend, socks, although the increase in export volume, but the price has declined markedly.Therefore, "research people demand, the market gaps in gold" has become a new way to earn a living enterprise. The emergence of a number of specialty products socks, it is this emphasis on seeking a way out results.

In addition to this foot massage socks, there is a special non slip socks yoga has also recently become the new darling of the market. At present, the market specific anti slip yoga socks most of the use of precision woven absorbent material made of some of the products using new fast drying material. Water absorption, durability is greatly improved. Although the yoga instructors often do not wear socks to promote yoga, but a dedicated yoga socks in the back of the slip assigned a point like particles, not only can effectively prevent the practitioner to do the movements in the foot when you slip phenomena such as yoga practitioners to effectively protect the safety, but also in the yoga specific sock aid, many practitioners would be easier to have some yoga moves to increase the effectiveness and gain a sense of practice.

At present, domestic knitting industry has become supporting the development of active force, in order to tap the blank market, some knitting as always, adhere to corporate R & D, so that a pair of socks sold on the hundred dollars.Love Socks Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yi 1414 Kevlar independent research and development is the production of body armor as a raw material, they have to do with this material socks, as strong as ordinary socks more than 10 times, was still a first in the country. This price of up to 150 pairs of socks per million, mainly used in military, fire, logging and other special sectors and industries.

Last year, Zhejiang Sheng Feng Knitting Co., Ltd. 80 pairs of "space socks" was sent to Beijing. Sheng feng, chairman of Xuanhan Guang knitting that these "space socks" is his right Zhuji two major industrial clusters of local marriage attempt. "Space socks" is the pearl of raw materials, while the Zhuji is the world's largest freshwater pearl cultivation and processing bases. Through research and development, Sheng Feng Knitting has addressed health functions will be applied to socks pearl technical issues, which will also Zhuji everywhere to solve a way out of the low grade pearls. Succeeded in developing a "space socks", the price has been sold to 60 yuan per pair.

At present, Sheng Feng Knitting self developed "Lover press buckle," socks, socks and other high end pearl fiber more than 180 kinds products, access to the national patents. Xuanhan Guang said that from the current sales statistics show that R & D to make the company's sales reached 500 million yuan.Zhejiang Haining Nile socks with the United States DuPont formed a partnership to DuPont's "Lycra" and other new types of raw materials used in the production of socks to make products more competitive in domestic and foreign markets has become ADIDAS, GAP, the United States and other famous brands Sally partner.

Features socks, functional socks for hot selling, is the display of the domestic market segments. For a number of knitting enterprises, the enterprises most urgent tasks is the quickest way to capture the market and strengthen technological innovation and brand creation of awareness, efforts to further enhance the brand's influence, insurance market, expand the market.According to "2010 ~ 2012 Chinese socks industry potential and trend analysis" shows that consumer goods are being presented now stocking a new trend, brand consumption, beginning of another, personalized alternative stockings began to catch on, hosiery products followed the trend apparel, men's socks and more pay attention to comfort, health, children's socks pay more attention to pattern, texture and color. In addition, the function of people's socks are increasingly high requirements, for example, want to add warm socks and fabric materials, even thin socks can be warm.

At present, many Hosiery companies pay more attention to product development, many of them have set up R & D center, actively working with universities, research institutes, to develop eco socks, deodorant socks, massage and other health care socks, socks patent technology into production. Reduction of homogenization, to avoid price wars, accurate positioning, misplaced socks enterprise business will be looking for new ideas for market development space.



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