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Features and Benefits of AngularJS 2 By Renny Jose Manuel

  in Computers And Technology | Published 2016-11-01 03:26:35 | 627 Reads | Unrated


Learn the features and understand the benefits of AngularJS 2

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There has been substantial changes in the web since the first introduction of Angular. With a view to simplify performance and meet requirements, Angular 2.0 was conceived. The new version is an imperative and much needed re-imagining of AngularJS for the modern web. This update is a result of taking into account the comprehensive usage of the framework over the past 5 years.

Following are the features and benefits of AngularJS 2:

Cross Platform

Progressive web apps: Utilizing the competencies of modern web platform to release

experiences that are app-like. The benefits of this feature include High performance, offline, and zero-step installation.

Native: Native mobile apps can be developed by applying approaches from Ionic Framework, Native Script, and React Native.

Desktop: With the help of the same Angular approach, apps can be created across Mac, Windows, and Linux. That too, with the competence to access native OS APIs.

Speed and Performance

Code generation: With AngularJS 2, you can turn templates into highly optimized code, which are optimized for current JavaScript virtual machines. This, gives you the advantage of a hand-written code along with the productivity of a framework.

Universal: AngularJS 2 helps in serving the first view of the application on servers for quick rendering in HTML and CSS. This in turn proves to be advantageous for sites during SEO optimization.

Code splitting: The new Component Router in the AngularJS 2 delivers automatic code-splitting. It enables automatic code-splitting and allows the users to just load the code that is needed to render the requested view.


Templates: With a simple template syntax, AngularJS 2 facilitates quick creation of UI views

IDEs: AngularJS 2 helps in achieving intelligent code completion and instant error detection apart from other feedback in editors and IDEs.

Full Development Story

Testing: You can detect if you have made an error every time you save. Protractor helps scenario tests run faster with stability.

Animation: With very little code, Angular’s intuitive API facilitates ease in creating high-performance, complex choreographies and animation timelines.

Nous Infosystems has got the expertise to render applications in AngularJS 2.  As a UX consulting company, we help enterprises right from Consulting to design and testing. Talk to us today if you are interested in availing services around AngularJS 2.



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