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Find your Client for your Project in Online Freelance Job marketplace By ted mark

  in Business | Published 2014-03-01 07:09:21 | 200 Reads | Unrated


Find your Client for your Project in Online Freelance Job marketplace

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It seems to be a very challenging task for everyone to find reliable freelance job marketplace where he or she can easily post requisite project to raise the level of business. AddLance is one of the fine and most prominent freelancer marketplace Italia which emerges to be the best platform for those guys who’re owner of online business and wants to make their business presence well recognized among tough competitors in wide online business arena with services like web designing, application development, software development android development, mobile applications development and programming for website designing.


You must be having a question in your mind that why you must hire the freelance service of AddLance though there are other too freelancer job marketplace raveled in the web world offering same job and project posting service to the freelancers? Well! The best answer of this question is milestone payment system of this freelancer online. In this online platform for project posting, freelancers are allowed to propose a list of milestones with project details, deadline and amount. Whenever, freelancer hire perfect guy for the requisite posted project, he or she keep total control on cost and on time. The best feature of the milestone payment system is that after the approval of project by you, you need to pay related invoice to the expert only when his or her work matches your expectation.


AddLance is really an amazing freelance marketplace Italia where you have an authority to change the project requirements anytime in case you realized necessity of adding more features or making some major changes on your project even after awarding the project to freelancer. You can also compensate overall budget of the project by an extra milestone amount to approx. 20% of the initial project value. If you opts the system of compensating extra milestone for the freelancer then also you have no need to pay additional commission to this freelancer online marketplace which makes it different from other such service provider on the web. You can easily follow your project on the AddLance not only from the computer system or laptop but also you can access any project on AddLance freelance job marketplace from your mobile and android devices too. In this manner, you as a freelancer can post requisite project or make changes on such project from anywhere by just logging in from your freelance account on the site of AddLance. If you’re a newbie in this freelance job marketplace then you didn’t need to worry about how you can post your project on the website for other freelancers because the posting of project is very simple and you can easily learn tactics to hire expert with your project post after posting just one or two project on this website.

On this freelancer job marketplace, you as a freelancer online also can easily manage a project through milestones which is really a wonderful feature that is offered by this online marketplace only. So, opt for freelance posting from this marketplace right now.



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