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Five Types of Female Tattoos That Work Wonders for Winning Male Attention By ted mark

  in Arts and entertainment | Published 2014-01-07 03:13:36 | 182 Reads | Unrated


Men of all ages and ranks love to hang out with or at least take a look at young and curvaceous women.

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 Men of all ages and ranks love to hang out with or at least take a look at young and curvaceous women. What if you adorn your curves and those pain-pleasure points of your beautiful body with tattoos? Studies suggest that you can turn many more heads if you just opt for female tattoos and display your bodypaint in a carefully careless manner. Tattoos are of two types, permanent and temporary. With permanent tattoos being more expensive and i

ndelible as well, temporary ones have also gained some popularity among fashionable women now. Many young women, who do a lot of live video chatting with friends and strangers online, exhibit their tattooed body to impress their male chat partners. They do actually succeed in entertaining the male chat partners as metrosexual men love to chat with tattooed girls and see their nude body parts stained with creative artworks. Lower back tattoos and other types of tattoos make a hot and bold fashion statement that men often fall for. What are the most popular tattoo styles and positions that you can try to impress your male chat friend? Here below is a really ‘hot’ checklist.

1.      A fairy at ankle: Tattoos can be literally done anywhere on a woman’s body. Even if you get a fairy tattoo at your ankle, it will catch some attention. These tattoo designs are subtly flirty and you can catch attention of many men by getting tattooed in this manner. Choose a fairy prototype that looks most appealing to you.

2.      An angel on your bare back: A good and rather naughty way to flaunt your tattoo before craving male eyes is to get a tattoo on your back and leave it wide open. If it’s about your back, choose an angel or butterfly because that can arouse a man like no other. The more intricate the design, the more beautiful your back looks.

3.      Become bold and sexy with a dragon tattoo: Are you really bold and outrageous? Do you detest too plain and too simple tattoo designs? If so, you can choose a dragon or any other horrifying illustration that can invoke a feeling of danger. Rule the online video chatting world with these sexy and bold female tattoos. 

4.      Become a tigress: Go for a tiger/tigress tattoo and project yourself as a fearless and adventurous woman in the internet chatting world. Tiger tattoos can be placed on hip, or on the back. Leave most portions of your skin untouched as this will give some prominence to the artwork.

5.      Take resort to other languages: It is a general tendency of us to get attracted to something that is mystic and beyond our senses. If you adorn your bare body part with a phrase or word written in another language that your country people are not usually familiar with, such as Sanskrit, it will catch much attention. 

Are you a man? Do you want to chat with tattooed girls?

Do you have a fetish for chatting with tattooed girls? Some degree of fetishism is present in all men and you should not be ashamed of your sexual inclination and desire. There are live chat websites that tattooed girls regularly use for chatting with men. Use these sites to find curvy or bony girls with lower back tattoos and other types of tattoos. 

Visit the best online community to find and chat with hot and sexy girls with female tattoos. Hundreds of girls with lower back tattoos and other types of tattoos are added every day!



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