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Read how Clarion Group is an industry leader in Food Service Consulting

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For all your needs in on-site food service consulting, Clarion Group surely is your one-stop destination. Clarion Group is a world-leading service provider aiming to help you improve your food service's performance as well as reduce the overall cost of your service for a better administration, a better service and a higher quality of standards. With services including an integrated approach to all projects such as management consulting services, facility design and hospitality management, there is no doubt about Clarion Group's expertise in all food serv
ice consulting aspect in North America.

Clarion Group was founded in 1995 with the vision of helping food service management officers to improve the quality and service standards in their service, whether a professional firm, college, university, school or even international institution based in the country. With a customizable and personable approach to any situation, Clarion Group differentiates itself from other service providers by offering a unique set of solutions based on the needs and wants of each individual clients. By treating situations case by case instead of using a common approach to all projects, Clarion Group offers its clientele better results in a very timely manner.

On top of offering this unique client-centered approach, Clarion Group also places itself one step ahead of its competitors by offering interdisciplinary services covering all aspects of food services and facility operations for a general improvement of the entire system. This integrated approach guarantees a better understanding of the initial situation, or problem, and a solution that will pose itself to all aspect of this initial performance issue, therefore providing an improvement that will certainly show its results in a very obvious manner. Clarion Group is also proud of employing consultants possessing extensive real-life experience leading to a more hands-on solution finding process.

The recent introduction of its 'Fresh & Natural' program is also another reason why Clarion Group is now established as leading provider of food service consulting in the country. This program works in a way to eliminate or minimize the availability of junk food in the menu and by using organic or hormone-free products to the extent practicable as well as preparing nutritious meal from scratch with fresh and local ingredients. With such a program, Clarion Group now caters to a whole new group of clients and will target health-conscious customers, including students, young and mature professionals.

For more than 15 years, Clarion Group has helped many food services to improve their ratings, whether in a matter of service, operations or facility by working with an extensive list of clients including state universities, colleges and other businesses all over the United States. With the consultants' unprecedented expertise and experience, you can be assured that Clarion Group will find the best possible solution to foresee the most important improvement in your current food service.

For more information on Clarion Group's list of services or to contact a consultant today, please visit Clarion's website at clariongp.

Clarion Group is a nationwide food service consultant with a focus in on-site food services. Clarion Group's food service operations solutions are innovative, realistic, and actionable. For more information, visit



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