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Forecast the 2014 summer hot sale necklaces, tips for necklaces wholesalers By Bonnie Fleming

  in Etiquette | Published 2014-03-17 05:30:09 | 585 Reads | Unrated


What will be the best selling necklaces? The answer will be various. But it should embody the fashion element in the coordination of the color and costume design. Now let’s see what is happening in the runway designs and what will be the main dominating color and element in 2014.

2014 runway fashion design in costume:

AHOY! There goes the Acne we know, sailing down the catwalk with wearable ease - the hallmark which it had been losing over the past couple of seasons. The reason we say “ahoy”? Because the collection’s starting point was a poem called Till Havs which translates as “At Sea” - and there was a distinct nautical tone to the collection too: in the bold and bright colors (yellow, red, blue and white), the work wear and utility shapes, the jaunty little subsiding fisherman caps and the wide-leg trousers. It felt like a fresher outing this time - it must be that sea air.

2014 hot fashion color:

The color of the sky and ocean is going to continue to make an impact but this time the attention is on dustier, petrol-inspired shades. As deep as the ocean, a mix of Royal and Navy blue will be the primary dark of the season. Replacing black, this color combines well with all of the other fun, bright shades of the season.

Viennois-online 2014 hot selling necklaces forecast

Blue Swarovski crystal necklaces will lead the fashion trend this season. The elegant crystal blue brings fresh to summer, make a light and young feeling.

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