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Foreign Auto Parts Big Three By Lanbo Jiang

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Localization Strategy in China Jacobs: Localization Speed In the United States, Jacobs was the world's largest independent supplier of engine supplier Cummins engine retarder brake parts In China, Jacobs has hand in Dongfeng, liberation, Shaanxi Auto, China's heavy truck that several members of im portant partners, and become equipped with the liberation of 12

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Localization Strategy in China

Jacobs: Localization Speed

In the United States, Jacobs was the world's largest independent supplier of engine supplier Cummins engine retarder brake parts. In China, Jacobs has hand in Dongfeng, liberation, Shaanxi Auto, China's heavy truck that several members of important partners, and become equipped with the liberation of 12.5 liters Olympians engine dump truck's standard accessories J6. With the user knowledge about vehicle safety performance, Jacobs products are ushering in a huge market space.Faced with expanding demand, Jaco
bs actively adjust the capacity on the one hand, on the one hand and the domestic OEMs to increase cooperation efforts. Jacobs China business manager, said Hao Ping, a wholly owned factory located in Suzhou has been officially put into production. Zone after the 8,000 square meters in Suzhou's plant, will produce all future supply the Chinese market, Jacobs retarder brake and its key components. Moreover, with the increased demand, the Suzhou plant capacity can be continuously adjusted.

In addition to the original partners, Jacobs is also fighting for access to Weifang, Yuchai and other major engine manufacturers, list of suppliers. "Weichai Although the use of the WEVB, but it we are interested in the exhaust brake, and procurement of our butterfly valves. We are and Yuchai to develop some projects together, such as 2009's new YC6K, there Some products used in the retarder brake Jacobs. "Hao Ping," said Jacobs offerings are tailored to do with our joint development with the OEMs. "In addition to the retarder braking system solution program, Jacobs also provided the necessary vehicle retarder brake related core components.

For the past few years, Jacobs's performance in China, Hao Ping said the "market rate of progress is expected with our original line." Then installed from the trial to become an important standard or optional accessories, Jacobs in the promotion of the domestic heavy truck safety upgrades made great efforts. "The current heavy truck retarder brake on strong demand trends." In fact, long distance bus retarder brake is also very good applicability. Jacobs of the retarder brake power due to long running and does not decay, for driving on a long downhill section, load the bus, the driver and passengers can increase the safety factor.

However, due to "limited manpower", most users are not engineers or OEMs understand the retarder brake function. The next step in order to promote the safety of the domestic commercial vehicle market, upgrade, and allow more users to understand and use the engine retarder brakes is conducive to long distance transport of this particular security configuration, Jacobs plans to conduct joint promotions with the OEMs activities. Activities within the country five provinces collect election typical users, free of charge with Jacobs engine retarder brake vehicle products. During the Jacobs relevant technical and service staff will be tracking, data collection operation, test vehicle assembly Jacobs products, safety and economy in the areas of performance.As products get more and more widely used to enhance the level of an urgent domestic requirements. "Localization of a can reduce costs, shorten delivery times two, this is something we are very willing to do," said Hao Ping. China's auto market has become increasingly sophisticated, the demand for security products will be more and more. Jacobs further knowledge, recognition will be a matter of course.

Allison: Develop High End Truck Market

While in the Chinese market, with AT gearbox heavy truck is still small, but can not be ignored, this year on January 14, Allison Transmission Company jointly organized by China FAW in Changchun Experience test drive special vehicles, Allison has played a prelude to enter the Chinese truck market. The test drive of the FAW automatic dump truck, terminal tractors and airport fire engines have been installed with new Allison automatic transmission.More than 80% of the world in heavy duty automatic transmission suppliers, Allison has more than 63 years of commercial design and production of automatic transmissions experience. The 1981 to enter the Chinese market holdings had reached 3 thousand units, only 1.3 thousand vehicles in Beijing will have buses equipped with the Allison Transmission. It can be said Allison in the field of domestic passenger cars have a higher awareness.

In fact, Allison is a design, manufacturing and marketing the world's leading commercial vehicle automatic transmissions and hybrid power systems company, its products not only apply to passenger cars, also applies to road trucks and special vehicles. Allison has a leading technology products and services worldwide system for trucks, its greatest strength is to help reflect the value of the vehicle, and a faster return on investment."If our first gearbox is sold by sales, then the second surely is sold by sale." Allison regional sales and marketing manager, proudly said Chen Jing, Allison Transmission's back purchase rate as high as 95%. Despite the higher initial purchase cost, a large initial investment, but the product to improve the productivity of vehicle equipment, fuel efficiency, quality, safety and other areas of the advantages of greatly increased cost, reduced cost recovery cycle. "We are able to fulfill the spare parts sales targets each year," Jing said, "because bad things do not love."



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