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Four Tips for Selling Your Diamond Jewelry By zani jonsan

  in Short Stories | Published 2014-11-14 09:07:15 | 919 Reads | Unrated


This mostly confuses and overwhelms inexperienced sellers. Therefore, to help unravel mysteries behind selling this metal, here are four basic tips to consider prior to hocking your stone.

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While proper timing is the key to getting the best value for your diamonds, finding that diamond buyer you are looking for can be a real major headache. Unlike other metals such as gold that has measurable melt value, diamond resale prices lack that one objective measure. This mostly confuses and overwhelms inexperienced sellers. Therefore, to help unravel mysteries behind selling this metal, here are four basic tips to consider prior to hocking your stone.

1. Know what you’ve got

Before diving into the market, first get a

clear and accurate picture of the authenticity and quality of your metal. The only person that can give you an honest yet unbiased opinion of your stone’s condition and characteristics is a qualified appraiser. An appraiser that is not a diamond buyer is the best option. Note that the negative or positive attributes of the information he/she gives you could really affect its value.

2. Set a realistic price

Any ultimate sale can result in disappointments especially when you set unrealistic price expectations for your precious stone. Before you contact your prospective diamond buyer, find an appraisal to help estimate the value of your diamond in specific circumstances and markets. A reliable appraiser adheres to the prevailing market trends and assists you in deciding the potential resale price of your diamond. Alternatively, you can do the legwork by yourself. Precisely, the only two reasons why anyone will purchase your diamond is either because he’s going to make a profit thereafter or it’s simply a better bargain. Otherwise, they would go for new ones.

3. Investigate your selling options

As a reseller of diamond jewelry, you have just two alternatives: sell your precious metal to the public or the jewelry industry. You should also understand that selecting your buyer is not always an issue with landing on the top price but rather a question of how much you trust your prospective buyer, how fast you can settle the deal as well as negotiation and marketing aspects. If you are looking to sell safely and quickly with little or no fuss over marketing, your diamond buyer should be a jeweler, a pawnbroker or a diamond dealer. However, since this diamond buyer is also after making a profit, he/she should not pay anywhere near a retail price.

4. Be emotionally ready to sell

Diamonds are known to be symbols of love or passion and are hardest to part with than any other piece of jewelry out there. Nonetheless, leave your emotions out of business. Emotional value can raise its value in your eyes but fail to move the potential buyer. Most importantly, sell your diamond when you are ready otherwise, it could result in long-lasting regrets. Also, if you are planning to sell a diamond jewelry whose emotional value has hit the minimum but you are still struggling with memories, think again. Yes, the diamond may have been represented something or someone important in your life or maybe it has been part of you, you need to move on. Diamonds are just material things and your peace of mind is more crucial here.



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