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Free Trade in the United States Has Been Reduced By Lanbo Jiang

  in Marketing | Published 2011-07-28 20:52:59 | 138 Reads | Unrated


Washington recently did a public opinion survey shows support for free trade in the United States the rate is declining, especially in salary more than 100,000 US

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Washington recently did a public opinion survey shows support for free trade in the United States the rate is declining, especially in salary more than 100,000 U.S. dollars in high income Americans, feel they have to outsource the jobs being transferred to the threat of low income countries . Dynamics of International Policy, University of Maryland has found that annual salary of more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars of Americans support free trade in 1999 fell 57% in January 2004 to 28%. Even the researchers themselves were surprised by this result.

Programme Research Officer Ram
sey said, from any demographic perspective, the people's support rate has dropped a point 20 or 30 is very rare. This is of course relevant to current public opinion, working class do not want to lose their jobs, they need job security.Survey shows that more and more white collar workers join the blue collar outcry against globalization, which makes the United States would he be able to act as leader of free trade to change. The survey also showed that protectionism in the U.S. presidential campaign stage the rise.

But the researchers said that although most Americans think the government in a free trade issues to do poorly, but they still favor free trade in principle. Survey, 53% were in favor of expanding international trade, but that the U.S. government in resolving the employment, to help other poor countries as well as environmental protection do not.Two thirds of those surveyed said they support in principle of mutual trade tariffs. Americans in 1999 and 2004 on the consistency of free trade to the U.S. Government provides a clear orientation. 1999 and 2004, every 10 Americans support 9 of the signing of international trade agreements, including labor standards and environmental terms.

Highly unified view.Countries such as India will become a software and engineering outsourcing, such a trend led Americans to reconsider the pros and cons of free trade. International competition is now moving into areas of expertise, the higher the social status of people seem to realize the seriousness of it. The New York Times, said a senior commentator Choumard need under the new economic reality to reconsider the meaning of free trade, it is clear, abundant labor resources and low wages of the few countries are outsourcing to a lot of work.

In order to reduce the cost of domestic goods, U.S. companies employ low wage foreign workers to replace local employees, when they do, it seems difficult to say this is the model of free trade should be. The new trend has led to the theory of free trade into question some of the key assumptions.Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan recently warned that trade protectionism is likely to rise. He admitted that he "worried about the risk of losing jobs," but he added: "We have reasons to believe that the new jobs will replace the jobs. Trade protectionism can not create jobs, if foreigners retaliate, we will have lost jobs. "

Globalization Research Center, said li special, Americans are now facing some of globalization, Europe and other countries in the past faced the same problem, it is work and opportunities to transfer to other low cost countries. Much of the world are conservative economists and liberal politicians shocked by a statement of free trade. They said the impact of the United States before the white collar employment rate, free trade will be smooth way.The United States has always flaunted the world's most flexible social system, and now the rhetoric is facing a severe test.



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