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Funeral Homes & Cremation Hollywood and Pembroke Pines FL By Boyd Panciera Family Funeral Care

  in Death | Published 2016-12-01 03:43:08 | 509 Reads | Unrated


Boyd-Panciera Family Funeral Care offers a variety of funeral services complete funeral home services including funeral pre-planning, funeral shipping Hollywood Fl, Pembroke Pines Fl surrounding areas.Boyd-Panciera Family Funeral Care can design a Uniquely Personalized Funeral Service, Traditional C remation Service in Hollywood & Pembroke Pines Florida.

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Boyd-Panciera Family Funeral Care, Dania Beach, FL

Boyd-Panciera Family Funeral Care has been in the funeral business for three generations and we have a deep understanding of the struggles a family goes through upon the death of a loved one. Please allow our knowledgeable and caring staff of professionals helps to ease your burdens during this difficult time. Among our many services, we assist you in pre-planning and pre-paying for a funeral, we provide both domestic and international mortuary shipping and we can arrange a cremation for your dearly departed. We have always served

the families in the Dania Beach, Florida area well.

We would be proud to lead the way in the services you choose to celebrate and memorialize the life that has been lost. Although we cannot eliminate your grief, we do strive to use our decades of experience work to make the funeral process as seamless and painless for you and your family as possible. We are available to you for support and assistance day and night, 365 days a year. Funerals can be confusing affairs and our guidance will go a long way in making the most challenging of experiences more manageable.

Our funeral home provides transportation from the site where the death has taken place to our establishment or the crematorium, depending upon the services you enlist. We have the equipment and facilities to prepare the deceased for visitation, their final rites and ultimate disposition. We also have a fine reputation in our community and offer top-notch funeral services at an extremely reasonable price. Our services include arranging the funeral, completing paperwork to file the death certificate and providing a casket or cremation urn. As to the death certificate, we will provide you with the number of copies you need to settle the deceased’s estate.

Working along with you, our funeral directors will arrange the location, dates and times of the services. We help you decide if your loved one is to undergo a burial, cremation or entombing. We help you to prepare the obituary, communicate with clergy and arrange for pallbearers. At your request, we handle the preparations and décor of the places of the services and arrange for flowers. We can also assist you in the resolution of insurance claims, the informing of the correct federal insurance agencies of the demise and the requesting of Veteran’s funeral benefits on your behalf.

We provide end-of-life services at our facilities, a place of religious worship, and the graveside or at the crematory. Our professional care of the deceased includes a thorough cleaning, embalming, restorative services, professional beautification of the face, hair and skin, styling the hair and positioning your loved one in the casket. We confer with you to collect the needed information and to talk about the particular arrangements for the funeral service, wake, burial or cremation. We tend to Mass cards, floral cards and other memorial contributions. At your request, we will provide you with a register book and prayer cards. Our website contains links to articles that help you deal with your grief. After the service is concluded we provide a gathering place to help you, your family and friends to begin the healing process with our “Wings of Hope” Bereavement Support Program available the third Tuesday of the month between 7 and 8 pm. Fellowship commences at 6:30 pm before the program, with refreshments and appetizers being served.

If you live in the Dania Beach, Florida community please allow Boyd-Panciera Family Funeral Care to work hard to provide you with a funeral and other services as dignified as your loved one deserves.




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Boyd-Panciera Family Funeral Care can design a Uniquely Personalized Funeral Service, Traditional Cremation Service in Hollywood & Pembroke Pines Florida.