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Get Ammonia Free Highlights to Gift Your Hair a Long and Healthy Life By ted mark

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Permanent hair dying is almost synonymous to damaging hair irreversibly. In this process, hair is first dried and it becomes uneven.

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Permanent hair dying is almost synonymous to damaging hair irreversibly. In this process, hair is first dried and it becomes uneven. Ammonia is used by many hair color specialists who use the chemical for force opening the hair fibers to let the dyeing chemicals pass in. The process creates a burning sensation on the scalp and the hair fibers are severely damaged because of the use of the toxic chemical. However, there are hairstylists who specialize in ammonia free highlights. They use organic substitutes of popular hair dyeing chemicals and reach no threat to the hair. These hairstylists have become quite popular in and around Hollywood, particularly because of their religious adherence to strict quality standards. If you are looking for a hair salon that offers ammonia-free hair coloring in Hollywood FL area, you should look for salons on the web.

Ammonia-free hair coloring-How does it work?

Ammonia remains are first removed from the hair coloring chemicals by hair styling and coloring specialists. As a result, an odor-free solution is produced which increases the effulgence of hair, but in a rather organic way. Organic hair coloring, as opposed to ammonia-induced hair coloring, is far safer. There are Fort Lauderdale based hair stylists who only use ammonia-free hair dyeing agents. These hair color specialists do not use alkaline solutions as these products have adverse effects on human hair. In a way, Florida based hair stylists who use and promote ammonia free solutions have revolutionized hair styling and coloring. If you are looking to get ammonia free highlights, you should contact salons in your area that offer herbal solutions for hair dyeing and coloring. The process of ammonia-free hair coloring can be found towards the end of this article.

Adverse effects of Ammonia-based hair color agents

Ammonia hydroxide can peril your hair in many different ways, including the following:

·         Ammonia induces significant loss of natural hair protein and moisture.

·         The pH level of hair follicles is unusually increased during bleaching with ammonia-based chemicals and the pH cannot retrograde to its normal level. This way, your hair continues to look less shiny and less healthy with each day passing.

·         Unnaturally high pigmentation is added to the dyeing solutions for balancing the ammonia level.

Is organic hair color a better alternative?

Ammonia’s presence in the hair can damage your hair and scalp. Not only that, Ammonia leaves behind a putrid smell which many people cannot just take. Reputable FLMiami saloons offer completely organic hair dyeing agents and both the stylist and the customer are saved from the bad odor of ammonia. These organic ammonia free highlights products strengthen your hair from inside and increase the shine and sheen. Moreover, the hair color lasts really long.

How to find the best salon?

FLDania Beach’s best hairstylists offer 100% organic and natural hair color solutions. If you are looking for a hair salon in your area, simply go on Google or yahoo and look for hairstylists who offer ammonia-free hair coloring solutions. Read product reviews and about hair coloring processes before choosing a stylist.

Looking to get ammonia free highlights? AG Salon is a Hollywood based hair salon offering organic hair dyeing solutions. Visit site to book an appointment.



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