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Getting Familiar With the Basic Types of Dancewear By Adrianna Notton

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Studying dance, whether it's ballet, jazz, tap or another kind is great exercise and an truly amazing form of art Dance is a blend of beauty and agile movements that is pleasing to watch

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Studying dance, whether it's ballet, jazz, tap or another kind is great exercise and an truly amazing form of art. Dance is a blend of beauty and agile movements that is pleasing to watch. Since it is an activity that is all about moving around freely, it stands to reason that special clothes would be worn for this purpose. Dancewear, is the term given to all pieces of clothing that are worn and designed to better facilitate dancing. This includes types of footwear, leggings, and bodysuits, that dancers wear. These are some of the best-known types of dancewear.

A l
eotard is the basic element of a dancer's apparel. Worn in mostly every types of dance, this one-piece bodysuit covers the torso only much like a swimsuit does, leaving the legs free and allows full movement for the dancer. Usually they are made of a stretchy and durable material like cotton, unless they are for performance purposes in which case they may be satin. Mostly leotards are worn with tights covering the legs. They come in several styles including; sleeveless, short or long-sleeved, camisole, tank, frilled or skirted, this can depend if they are for performance or warm-up.

Tights are normally worn with a leotard or costume and fit snugly to the leg like stockings do, only they are usually thicker than stockings yet still breathable. They accentuate the dancer's legs but permit complete movement. Tights are worn in basically all kinds of dance and come in styles such as with and without feet, or footless with stirrups, and convertible which can cover or uncover the feet.

There are two types of shoes worn for ballet; slippers and pointe shoes or "toe shoes". Those beginning to dance start out in the flat, light-weight slippers which are made for easy foot movement. These are mostly made out of canvas, satin, or leather and are usually pink or white, but for performance they can come in bright colors as well. A dancer wears these shoes several years until she is able to dance pointe, or on the tips of her toes. These shoes tie around the ankles with ribbons and have a sturdy toe box to support the toe and a shank to support the arch.

Shoes worn for tap dance are called tap shoes, and they are responsible for making the percussive tapping noise associated with the dance when they touch the floor. A metal plate is affixed to the heel and toe of the bottom of these shoes. Mostly these shoes are black in color and shiny, sometimes with a slight heel, and they either buckle, lace, or tie up with ribbons at the front.

For jazz dance and other modern styles such as hip-hop, special jazz shoes are worn. These are made from very soft, flexible leather or canvas and are super light-weight. They may be slip-ons or lace up like a sneaker does. Easy movement for the sharp twists and turns of jazz is key with their design, many of them are a split-heel style and have a suede patch at the top to make them even more conducive to flexibility.

The skirts and tutus are perhaps the most beautiful piece of apparel worn by dancers. Traditional ballet tutus come in 2 styles; "pancake" where crinolin netting stands out in horizontal ruffles off the hips, or "romantic" with a long, cascading skirt. Still other skirt designs are seen in other types of dance, but mostly they are used strictly for performance.

All styles of dance have particular apparel that is typically worn by those taking part in it. The various dance academies normally have their own specifications for preferred attire as well. All dancewear has one thing in common though, that is the fact that it is made for movement, comfort and an attractive appearance.

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