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Globalization is the Direction Innovation is the Power By Paul Hu

  in Business | Published 2011-12-30 01:16:44 | 167 Reads | Unrated


"'Bo' for today's businesses means that should the direction of globalization, in the larger arena look at ourselves" Talked about this session of the China Business Leaders Award for the theme of "Leadership Bo", the last year, the most Good business leaders Innovator Award winner, Otis Elevator (C hina) Investment Ltd

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"'Bo' for today's businesses means that should the direction of globalization, in the larger arena look at ourselves." Talked about this session of the China Business Leaders Award for the theme of "Leadership Bo", the last year, the most Good business leaders Innovator Award winner, Otis Elevator (China) Investment Ltd. Ge Wei Qi feel moved to say, "the economic crisis, the corporate structure and direction are changing, as more business leaders need to think about the future orientation. "

Globalization is the direction

Otis Elevator Company as the first Chinese
president of China, this is Ge Wei Qi in China, commander of the third year of implementation. Experiencing an economic crisis, Qi Wei Ge, that enterprises have to think about in the end to their market-oriented, or to the world market based. In his view, more Chinese enterprises should be based on the premise of their markets open up foreign markets.

"Globalization means free competition in the market, so that Chinese enterprises will be more progress, such as foreign laws, policies and cultural background is different, how different business concepts and management mechanism of the environment, good business, This will give Chinese companies made great progress. "Qi Wei Ge, think so.

Ge Wei Qi said China has just completed Otis market, exports to Japan, which is led by Ge Wei Qi Otis important step towards globalization, not only for the company's Chinese market and international market will be of great benefit . As we all know, the Japanese market is the world's most demanding quality requirements of the market, which makes Otis employees and management and requirements definition of quality are greatly enhanced.

Earlier, China's Geely also reflected the acquisition of Volvo's U.S. future orientation of Chinese enterprises in China. Although the takeover of the world have different opinions, but it also illustrates that the economic crisis began to explore the globalization of Chinese enterprises road.

Of course, the direction of corporate globalization also means that business leaders need to have more extensive, so only leader standing in the world stage. Qi Wei Ge, that the leader must first have a broader vision: "the context of globalization requires leaders need to stand higher and see farther."

Business leaders must be very clear position, so as to plan at least five to ten years the company's future development direction, not just what is the objective for next year. And leaders must have the ability to exploit opportunities where the risk to identify where, will have its own response strategy.

Despite the economic crisis such as the contraction of the Western market, but the leader should be insight into the rapidly growing emerging markets, how to seize emerging market opportunities, this very test of leadership ability. Positioning in emerging markets has become an important part of future strategy.

"It also requires leadership requires more inclusive," Ge Wei Qi said, adding that "different in different cultural background, the managers can not rely on the ability of individuals, only in accordance with individual consciousness and experience to decision-making, and should be organized and led the team to play the role of changes in the way of doing things. "In his view, this is a lot of Chinese entrepreneurs lack.

Have only the power of innovation

Otis led China to the global Ge Wei Qi is just part of work, while Wei Qi Ge said the company continued to promote the work of innovation is also the focus of his future. "Only have the power of innovation, enterprises will be more development," Wei Qi Ge, this emphasis on the importance of innovation.

It also opens the Otis Elevator and innovative long-standing historical ties between the Expo. In the first session of the Expo, Mr. Otis Otis demonstrated the founder of the "cordless safety elevator", that over time all of the elevator cables are still needed to maintain security by hanging, Mr. Otis invented the "cordless Security Elevator "is undoubtedly a innovations, tremendous response in the industry.

Today, Otis is a large number of competitors to become the Shanghai World Expo's largest supplier of elevators, Qi Wei Ge, the reason that in addition to well-known outside of innovation is one of the big factor. Technological innovation makes Otis products are the main green, it is consistent with the green theme of Shanghai World Expo.

Otis is the use of renewable energy installations in the elevators will be like when fully loaded, like power generators, issued by the energy charge back to the daily electricity re-use buildings, so that the effectiveness of energy saving can reach 30% to 70%. The products are also coated with resin instead of the traditional steel wire rope significantly reduce the noise, but the wire service life longer than the average four to five times.

However, Ge Wei Qi that innovation is not limited to technology, "Innovation should be a wider range of fields, any enterprises to enhance and promote the progress to bring change and change is innovation."

Qi Wei Ge, led by the management team has been taught how employees do not the same, so what you do on the employees themselves more interested in the same time more to promote the future development of the company and help the community more contribution. The company also set up a special committee, the staff proposal to the company their helpful comments, immediately upon the adoption of the implementation of the company, but also assess the effect of the Committee to assess the proposal, the proposal on the effect of good employees will reward the company.

Ge Wei Qi said in his leadership during his tenure need to promote younger and innovation, culture, cosmopolitan group of young managers, who need to have a strong ability to accept new things and innovation, Ge Wei Qi hope these changes, the Otis China to a higher level.



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