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Guangzhou Tea Prices Set to Double By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2010-04-27 08:45:00 | 195 Reads | Unrated


March 21, a tourist shooting Huangguoshu Falls Due to severe drought, waterfalls flow has been greatly reduced

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March 21, a tourist shooting Huangguoshu Falls. Due to severe drought, waterfalls flow has been greatly reduced.
Since February of this year, rainfall in most areas of Southwest China, meteorological drought is severe. So far, Yunnan province has 112 stations Sadat drought levels, six stations dry weight. Drought induced loss of Yunnan tea comprehensive income, for the tea trend has brought a new round of price hikes. Reporter yesterday interviewed a person in charge of Yunnan tea, tea buyer, as well as tea vendor was informed that this year's tea production in the spring and only last
year's 2% to 5%, tea, double the purchase price ironclad.

Received a return empty tea tea
In Guangzhou, Mr. Liu was in the tea business for many years in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province yesterday morning to fly, "Earlier, we heard a very severe drought this spring in Yunnan Province, but did not expect this situation." Liu on to the Dasan, everywhere is full of dry tea In the past the green tea Manzhi scenes no longer exist, a lot of tea buds have even spit with no success.

Yesterday, Mr. Liu ran a few hills, tea, buy tea leaves less than 5% of last year, "Now almost all the trucks can empty down the mountain." He told reporters, do tea business has been such a drought induced tea large scale loss of income has never been the case, he and fellow merchants are rather worried.

Yield only 2% last year
In addition, some people worry that there is accumulation of tea with tea pushed up the price. However, as sales of autumn tea hours long from now, there are basic goods merchants have already shipped or less. "Too late, tea production last fall to normal, we would not deliberately hoarding, and who knows, after a sudden spring drought did not want to hoard goods." Mr Lau said.

"Under no rain, tea is not out long." Yunnan Menghai County granges and mountain shitouzhai Heung South waxy black car in the village committee secretary of the Information Times yesterday, accepted an interview with introduction, a look of helplessness. He told reporters that his family's tea plantation tea harvest last year, up 1 ton, but this year far has received only 20 kg, and "less a 98%, the spring and has no hope."

Market Situation
A slight fluctuations Puer
In this regard, many people worry that Yunnan tea production in the drought led to a substantial reduction would make the tea prices soaring again, but the reporter learned from the market, sales of tea are currently being last year's autumn harvest tea, no significant change in the price . The Fangcun tea market, a stall owners said that the recent fluctuations in the price of Pu'er tea in Yunnan 5 yuan to 10 yuan per kilogram.But stall owners worry about, there is tea an excuse to raise the existing drought information through the sales price of tea.

"Yes doubled, four times three is also possible"
"Influence is in the affirmative." Deputy secretary general of the Guangzhou Tea Association, He Wei chen says, the future price of Pu'er tea is not optimistic. In the purchase price, this year's spring tea tea selling prices generally rose, in order to Pa Pa tea, for example, last year's average price of tea in the 12 ~ 20 yuan kg, this year rose to 30 ~ 50 yuan kg, tea prices are more trees 150 ~ 200 yuan kg. Mr. Liu also told reporters that the old ban chang high tea rose 800 yuan kg, the price is only 500 yuan last year, to 600 kg. "There is no doubt doubled, and now fear loss of income status of maintenance, three times, four times the ground up is possible."



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