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Guest house Alton Towers By Johny Dean

  in Business | Published 2013-10-22 01:03:49 | 51 Reads | Unrated


Who does not want to explore Alton Towers, a magnificent theme park and resort in Staffordshire, UK? This location attracts millions of visitors each year, being one of the most loved touristic attractions in the whole Kingdom. If you want to visit it as well, book a guest house Alton Towers or bed and breakfast Alton Towers and transform your dream vacation into a reality.

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A bed and breakfast is a small house, usually assimilated to a guest house that offers accommodation to all those who want to try a different experience from the one of staying at a hotel. A bed and breakfa

st Alton Towers can provide its visitors with the required peace and silence that is needed after exploring a huge theme park, like Alton Towers.

A bed and breakfast Alton Towers, as its name suggests, offers accommodation and breakfast, and no other meals. Taking into account that most visitors choose this location thanks to its theme park, it is natural for they to be served only with the breakfast, and not with other meals too, since they spend their entire day at the park, and not at the guest house Alton Towers.

However, some guests may choose a guest house Alton Towers not necessarily because they want to visit the theme park, but because they seek for relaxation in other town, not in theirs. For such guests, guest house owners could offer lunch and dinner too, or at least they can advice their guests on where to eat a good food and drink a fine wine in Staffordshire.

Some guest houses allow their guests to prepare their own food, by giving them access to a kitchenette. If a market is around the guest house, this option should be considered by large families, and even by couples, because it ensures a bonding between the people who are on vacation and try to prepare a nice dish together. In a kitchenette, guests could find a refrigerator, a sink, a microwave oven, and a coffeemaker.

Guests houses are more affordable than hotels, and they also feature a lower number of rooms. In fact, lots of bed and breakfasts were initially built as private homes, and some years after, they were transformed into lodging establishments. In most cases, guests houses destined to commercial use have less than 10 rooms. Still, each room comes with its own bathroom.

Usually, guests house owners are those who prepare the breakfast in the morning, clean the rooms, wash the dirty laundry, check in and check out the guests, carry their luggage, and so on. If the bed and breakfast is large and full of guests most of the time, owners may consider to hire some people to help them with the chores. The first duties that are delegated by guest house owners to the personnel are cooking and cleaning.

If the owners hire a professional manager as well, the name “bed and breakfast” is no longer used, since a bed and breakfast or guest house that is managed by a person who was hired from the outside to run the business, is named “inn”. If the bed and breakfast has 10 spacious rooms, and benefits from a professional manager, it can even be named a “hotel”.

Looking for an authentic guest house Alton Towers or bed and breakfast Alton Towers? Choose us and you will get access to a lovely garden house, plus to some easy-to-use tea and coffee making facilities, TV, DVD player, and Wireless Internet.



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