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HP Multifunction Printers or HP Basic Driver solutions do not work as By Jams Jams

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HP providing online services HP technical support phone number 1-800-723-4210 call 24x7 full hp printer technical support USA and Canada, HP Tech Support Phone Number.Tech Support for HP Desktops, Laptops, Printers and Scanners .HP Tech Support Phone Number 1800723-4210.

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HP Printer driver’s problems.

It’s not something new to experience a situation where windows don't the new hardware resulting in printer error. It commonly happens when you connect it to the computer or when installing a new printer.

It might be because the installation of the printer’s drivers wasn’t correct resulting to windows failing to recognize this device.

Fortunately, the printer driver problems are common to solve. You can call HP pcs technical support  

;1800 723 4210 number to be helped. To be very much specific, you can call the HP printers technical support number.

By doing so, you can be able to learn more about HP printer drivers, and how to troubleshoot printer driver problems.

Causes of Printer driver problems

Incorrect configuration of HP printer drivers

The printer driver might not be compatible with the window or installed printer. To verify this, you can either call the Windows tech support number or u can opt as well as to use the Microsoft technical support number and tell them about your problem. When they are unable to handle the situation, they will direct you to HP customer support number so that you are directed to the proper step to take.

a)    It might be due to incorrect entry of the HP printer into the windows registry.

b)    The other possible reason might be the infection of the printer driver files by the malware.

Common printer driver problems

If your HP printer develops any problem, it might prevent the user from using any printer’s services or print anything.

Below are commonly displayed printer driver error messages

i) Error 1- windows explorer encountered a problem & need to be closed.

The error above means that the installed driver is an older version.

ii) Error 2- spoolsv.exe encountered a problem & needs to be closed.

This is usually when the HP printer drivers installed are incompatible with the current windows operating system (OS).

How to solve printer problems

 You can use a reliable driver management tools to easily resolve the printer driver. This can easily be done by contacting HP printers technical support number. You can open your user interface of the driver management tool, then click the SCAN button. The software automatically identifies the printer. In its database and automatically install it.

One of the web’s comprehensive and trusted Driver Update program is Driver Downloader. When you download it, you can immediately resolve your driver’s problems. It does this by scanning the outdated corrupt or missing drivers that may be present in your PC and then in updates them to the compatible version.

You can download and install latest HP printer drivers from HP manufacturers

Visit HP website and locate the latest HP drivers for your printer, and then download it. You will have to install the drivers, based on the instruction given from the HP’s website.

You can also install the latest HP drivers using the HP printer’s folder by the following procedure below;

Open control panel

•    Tap on hardware and sound

•    Tap on printers

•    Right click on the printer whose drivers you want to install, then choose “run as administrator”

•    Click properties

•    Click/tap advanced

•    Tap/click the “new driver” tab, then follow the instructions on the screen to install it.




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