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Handmade Jhumkas Design Online Shopping in India By koral tree

  in Arts and Crafts | Published 2017-06-01 12:49:48 | 855 Reads | Unrated


We have taken extreme care in making your jhumkas online shopping experience as relaxed as possible.

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Are you looking forward to add a new item to your jewel box? Do you want to up your style quotient by complementing your existing wardrobe with trendy accessories? Or do you want to gift a piece of elegant jewellery to someone special? Well, what else can be better than a pair of classy jhumkas! We have a rich collection of unique handmade jhumka design, neatly spread across four amazing categories, so much so, you will be spoilt for choice. Though, one look at the price is guaranteed to ensure multiple jhumkas in your shopping cart. And add to it the convenience and experi

ence of jhumkas online shopping, saving you hopping from store to store, only to be disappointed by out-of-fashion designs.


Shopping for jhumka earrings online has never been so easy, thanks to our wide range of spectacular masterpieces. One visit to our website and you unquestionably notice two aspects at once:



  1. Pocket Friendly Prices: Whosoever said fashionable jhumkas are costly probably haven’t visited “Koraltree” yet. Jhumkas online shopping need not burn a hole in your pocket. A massive saving in your monthly fashion budget, when you buy jhumka earrings online as compared to your swanky mall or local high street store. All these savings translates into owning more than one pair of your favourite fashion accessory.


  1.  Wide range of choices: Our exclusive handmade jhumka design have variety that local stores can only dream of. We have dedicated an entire section called “Jhumka Love” for jhumka enthusiasts which hosts exclusive collection of traditional, trendy, floral and divine range of signature jhumkas, something that you can find only at “Koraltree”


One of the most sought after jewellery item are jhumkas. However sadly they are also one of the hardest to find, especially online. Until now, of course. Their timeless appeal has recently been rekindled with our distinctive polymer clay material, completely revamping the way they look, expensive and classy. Our range of handcrafted polymer jhumka design is simply magical. The simple yet elegant designs of floral, the unconventional versions of divine, the sophisticated traditional and the gorgeous cool and trendy, all four of above ranges have a feel of exquisite designs, providing the experience of precious jewellery, minus the expense.


Our handmade jhumka design comes in a range of colours, which resemble a palette from an artist.

We have jhumak earrings online, which are suitable for every occasion. Being made from polymer clay, ensure that the are light weight and easy on your ears. You can comfortable wear them all day long , without stressing your lobes.



We have taken extreme care in making your jhumkas online shopping experience as relaxed as possible. High definition images that capture the minutest details of handmade jhumka design give you the familiarity of seeing them in real life. Shopping for jhumka earrings online at Koraltree also means that you have the leisure and time to carefully analyse every product and design in a relaxed environment, form the comfort of your home or office. Bye-bye interfering shop staff and impatient owners.



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