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Have you considered CC Creams? By TAJ UDDIN AHAMED

  in Advice | Published 2016-12-05 06:19:42 | 135 Reads | Unrated


CC cream & BB cream both are needs for your healthy skin. BB cream will improve your skin and CC cream will make matching with both.

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As a color corrector, CC Cream is the next generation facial cream. The all-in-one BB cream (Beauty Balm) is its predecessor and DD cream follows CC creams. One way of describing this pre-makeup product is as a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. However, CC cream contains all the awesomeness of BB creams with the additional color control that does wonders for aging skins and other blemishes.

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The fact that CC creams solve uneven skin problems, is more than enough reason to use one of the best CC creams.  Bring the different skin tones you have in different parts of your face and neck in line by applying the right CC cream.  Say bye-bye to blotchiness, reddishness or a yellow sallow look and hello to a youthful flawless skin.

Similar to BB creams, CC creams also contain moisturizer but for dry skins, it won’t be enough. So start off your normal skincare routine with a moisturizer followed by your CC cream of choice. MAC CC creams contain all three pigments you need to color correct your skin: the white pigment for the dark spots; green to correct redness; and the apricot pigment for anti-fatigue. If you can’t let go of your primer, use it prior to the CC cream. If you one of the lucky ones that won’t need a primer then apply only the CC cream to correct your skin tone.

Similar to BB creams you don’t have to add any additional face creams or makeup. It all depends on your skin tone and amount of unevenness and color correction you need. For those days that you want to be casual and only need sheer coverage, be brave and don’t’ wear makeup, CC cream will do the trick. If the sheer coverage is not enough because it isn’t your exact skin color, consider wearing a little makeup.

At you will find a range of best CC creams from different makeup houses (NYX  CC cream, MAC CC cream, Shiseido CC cream). Come visit us and select your CC cream from the variety we offer: 



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