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Hefei, Anhui Province Chamber of Commerce in a Grand Setting up Wood By Lanbo Jiang

  in Marketing | Published 2010-05-07 12:54:54 | 243 Reads | Unrated


In June 2008, sponsored by the Hefei Sen Liou Wood Co, Ltd, Hefei Forest Wood Building Materials Co

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In June 2008, sponsored by the Hefei Sen Liou Wood Co., Ltd, Hefei Forest Wood Building Materials Co., Ltd, Hefei Anlin Trade Co., Ltd, Hefei strong building material Co., Ltd, Hefei Dongsheng Wood, Fu's forestry and so on more than a dozen companies begin preparations for the establishment of advocacy was launched in Hefei Wood Association. Issued a written proposal, we have put in a request to join the Chamber of Commerce. Through joint efforts, Hefei wood Chamber of Commerce at 9:00 on June 28 at Meishan Hotel, the inaugural meeting was held, marking the formal establishment of Hefei wood C
hamber of Commerce, and this is our wood industry business people in Hefei a very happy occasion ... ...

Wood products can be seen everywhere, and our daily life, wood products industry, production, processing, marketing, in Hefei city construction and economic development play an increasingly important role. Wood products industry is currently engaged in the city have been as many as 300 companies, employing 50000 people have been. Are mainly distributed in three counties, four districts and major building materials market, in the creation of tax revenue, the service economy, solving the employment, especially in the employment of migrant workers achieved marked results.With the advance of major construction projects of modernization in Hefei, the residents improved quality of life, people are building and furnishing materials, especially wood products, demand for higher and higher quality is also increasing, which the city is bound to provide space for the development of wood products industry and fields.

Wood Chamber of Commerce was established in Hefei better industry standards, strengthen production and processing wood products marketing, the need for unity and cooperation among businesses, but also regulate the industry market practices, to promote prosperity, Hefei wood products industry, and more importantly to promote the city development, and building a modern lakeside city development. With the growth of private economy and economic globalization, civil society associations in promoting the healthy development of private economy standards has played an important role.

Hefei has set up 37, today is the 38 Chamber of Commerce was founded. To strengthen industry self-regulation to promote the development of the industry, in order to chambers of commerce solution for members to solve practical problems, has seen notable results and made many contributions. The city's Chamber of Commerce presents the status of vigorous development, through the joint efforts of business in strict accordance with democratic procedures, co-founded Hefei Wood Association. After more than half a year of preparation, now officially set up the establishment of chambers of commerce will be a city wood products industry to promote the development of another.

Hefei Wood Chamber of Commerce will adhere to the Legislative Council, the purpose of services to better serve its members, for customer service, for members to provide business training, legal advice and other services, and strive to achieve "resource sharing, help each other and each other's needs, collaborative development" a common goal to enhance the overall quality of members, in particular, to guide members and unswervingly take the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, and striving for outstanding builders of socialism, and actively play its functions, for the community to do more obligations and responsibilities.

To provide customers with cheap and good sales service, maintain the credibility of the Chamber of Commerce and standardize the market order, increase the level of the market and extensive contacts, strengthen exchanges and expand the organization, wide pull-members, play an increasing role in hope that the business can be leading business families, and further broaden the business area, to the production and circulation integration of efforts to make the development of the industry is more on the scale and quality.We believe that under the leadership of President Cao, through joint efforts of all members of the Association wood, wood Chamber of Commerce will Weekly that harmonious trade associations, chambers of commerce advanced, first-class chamber of commerce.



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