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Hospital Air Conditioning System Singapore By Utopia Pte Ltd

  in Medical Business | Published 2018-09-05 03:06:07 | 158 Reads | Unrated


Utopia manufactures the finest Temperature & Humidity Control Chamber and Test Chamber which is helpful in maintaining the desired environment in the clean room.

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When we think of air conditioning, we tend to focus only on cooling the house in the summertime. But the term covers much more than cooling. It has to do with controlling the interior environment to keep it comfortable and healthy. So it covers not only cooling but also heating, the motion of the air, moisture level, pollution control, dust control and microorganism control. Your house or a factory, office building, school, hospital or other structure - has specific requirements that air conditioning must meet. All these design considerations have to do with keeping the people inside the st

ructure comfortable by balancing their metabolic heat production - the heat created by the biochemical processes going on in their bodies - with the air temperature so they feel neither too warm nor too cool. Two of the most important considerations in selecting the right air conditioning system for any enclosed area are air temperature and relative humidity. Another critical factor is the "load," or stress on the air-conditioning system, necessary to maintain a comfortable environment. The equipment must be able to do its work while carrying the load as efficiently as possible. There are two kinds of load a complete air-conditioning system has to handle: heating and cooling. A heating load results when heat leaving a space is more than the heat entering the space from any source, including the sun. A cooling load occurs when more heat enters the space than leaves it. Moisture in the air also creates a load and, for most people, is more a consideration when cooling is necessary. More moisture enters a space than leaves it, and the air-conditioning system has to remove the excess to keep the occupants comfortable. Almost everyone has experienced situations where "high humidity" caused them discomfort even when the temperature was not unreasonably high. Keeping the air dry allows for higher air temperature without compromising comfort. Keeping air temperature and humidity levels within certain bounds is the best-known and understood function of air conditioning. But, when complete, these systems also filter airborne particles, including dust and microorganisms that might contribute to allergic reactions and illness. This is why you are encouraged to change your "furnace filter," which is also a cooling system filter, frequently.An air-conditioning system is useless without a way to distribute the air. Even window air conditioners, for example, require a fan to move the air into the room. Central air-conditioning systems use a fan to move the air and ductwork to carry the warmed or cooled air to various rooms. The air travels through the ducts, out into the room through one set of vents and then back, through a separate set of ducts. This air circulation allows fresh air to mix with already cooled or warmed air.

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