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Baby Fingers outline the Educational Benefits of Sign Language Classes for Toddlers.

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Decades of academic research has proven the long-term benefits that early childhood education programs based on American Sign Language can offer to young minds. In numerous studies, an early education in American Sign Language classes has been shown to improve linguistic proficiency in children. One New York based school is now putting that research into action with innovative classes that will enhance your child's cognitive development and provide them with a structured foundation for continued educational success.

Baby Fingers,
celebrating nearly 11 years of success, is a leading educational program that provides American Sign Language Classes for toddlers, babies and their parents. Their superb classes combine instruction in sign language and music to aid in the development of cognitive, social, and communication skills. Through the Baby Fingers' "Mommy and Me" American Sign Language classes for babies and toddlers, young children will develop accelerated linguistic proficiency through songs and play alongside their peers.

In Level One, young babies - including newborns - through to children aged 15-months-old will learn a set of "need-based" vocabulary words and practical applications that encourage self expression through a true language, even pre-verbally. Level Two consists of an interest-based curriculum, which provides toddlers with an introduction to American Sign Language through the learning of basic signs. The interest-based nature of Level Two classes ensures that toddlers are fully engaged in their continued development of language, speech, and communication skills. Once at Level Three, toddlers aged 18-months to 3 years begin to learn language that is more complex. At this stage, toddlers will be taught how to link words and signs as they prosper and form an advanced understanding of the syntactic intricacies of American Sign Language and spoken language.

Additionally, Baby Fingers is now providing American Sign Language dance classes for toddlers. These classes are developed through the concept of using dance to help children increase their spatial awareness, motor co-ordination and communicative capacity. Through unique, targeted lessons, children will gain the confidence to express themselves and interact positively with their environment.

To ensure that everyone can take advantage of this breakthrough in early childhood education, this exceptional American Sign Language program is now being offered around the country through innovative webinars. By joining forces with, Baby Fingers is able to provide children across the globe with access to live and interactive classes directly within the comfort of their own home. These highly specialized webinars are as cost-effective as they are functional and provide a superb avenue for both helping your child to enhance their linguistic understanding and cementing the bond between parent and child. These extensive webinars cover topics such as a family signs, food, mealtime, places to go, favourite songs and many, many more.

The exceptional programs offered through Baby Fingers will provide your child with a launching pad from which they will quickly advance their understanding of the world around them. Ensure that your child has the best start to their education by selecting from the extensive classes available through New York's most reputable sign language teaching program, Baby Fingers.

About Baby Fingers:
Created in 2000, Baby Fingers is an innovative teaching program that uses a unique combination of American Sign Language, music, games, stories and dramatic play to aid the child's development in the areas of language, spatial reasoning, and motor skills. For more information about the company and the classes they offer, please visit mybabyfingers.

Baby Fingers LLC, founded by Lora Heller, Board Certified and Licensed Music Therapist with a M.Sc. in Special Education/Deaf Education, specializing in music mediated sign language instruction. For more information, visit



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