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How Automated Gate Systems like BPT and CAME Can Improve Your Security By ted mark

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Gate Automation is the latest security feature that a homeowner can add to enhance their security and control access into and out of buildings.

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Gate Automation is the latest security feature that a homeowner can add to enhance their security and control access into and out of buildings. The best names in gate automation include companies like BPT, CAME, FAAC, NICE and economically priced LIFE brand. The security benefit of gate automation might be obvious but it is always a goo

d idea for you to educate yourself before you commit to having a system installed.

These days security is an important feature that every homeowner and business has to give due consideration to and plan for. We live in an age where everything is pretty much automated which makes things more convenient, especially when we have to consider entering and exiting buildings. The latest security features that you can install in your entryways make it possible for you to come and go by using remote control. This means it is not just convenient, but you do not have to worry about locking up the gates because of the sophisticated automatic locking technology that comes with automated gates.

Automatic Gates Options

There are two ways you can control an automated gate. You can use a handheld remote control or keypad. Remote controls transmit radio signals to a control panel, which then relays the information to either open or close the gate. There is also another option of fitting sensors to open and close the gate. These can be embedded alongside the driveway to detect movement and open the gate for a preset amount of time and then shut when that period has lapsed.  There are various kinds of systems on the market but if you are looking for quality and ease of operation, you can never go wrong with a CAME or BPT system.

The Control Panel

The most important part of an automated gate mechanism is the control panel. This is the interface that checks for the proper functioning of the automated gate system. What they generally do is control the voltage and distribution of electricity. CAME and BPT are the best  makers of control panels for automated gates.


A typical control panel will consist of gauges and meters that indicate things like voltage, current, etc. All these gauges and meters would be enclosed in a metal box. The metallic box is often corrosion resistant to protect the gauges from weather and other elements. The latest technology from CAME and BPT has control panels equipped with microprocessors to receive signals and give feedback for the machine to regulate itself. This is often true for automated systems responsible for opening and closing doors. These microprocessors will have to take into account certain attributes like speed and heat in order to respond accordingly.

How Gate Automation Improves Security

The technology used in Automatic Gates completely eliminates the need for gate monitoring or manned entrance. Advanced features such as integrated intercoms, coded entry keypads, communications and control systems, restricted access control devices, etc. ensure reliable, quick and safe entrance to only authorized visitors.

Trade Electric Gates UK has been the main supplier of gate automation systems in the UK offering premium quality products BPT and CAME at trade prices.



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