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How Concierge Service is a Breath of Fresh Air for Employees & Employe By Chris Pavlis

  in Business | Published 2017-06-29 11:44:21 | 133 Reads | Unrated


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When you’ve too much on plate and find it hard to keep it together, you’d wish if someone came up to help you out, right? Well, concierge services offered by a security company in Sydney exactly do that! We all multitask and try to strike a balance between personal and professional life, and when that gets tuff, a concierge service comes to the rescue. Such services are beneficial in the perspective of both employers and employees. Read on to know how:

r /> Benefit for Employees:

Reduced stress: Having a long list of incomplete personal tasks combined with important project works on priority would suffice to add enough pressure and stress, and that could even take a toll on your mental health. When few tasks such as dry cleaning, maintaining key logs or booking taxis is handled by a security service, that’s a huge relief for anyone.

More Time: Reduced stress is obviously a great benefit on its own, but that does save much of their time too. When the weight of most responsibilities is lifted off their shoulders, employees get to spend their newfound time focusing on things that matter the most to them.

Save Money: Yes. Certain concierge services from reputable security companies in Sydney offer vendor discounts for employees to save more money. This is made possible by partnering up with vendors in the community, setting up discounts for saving money. This is a bonus benefit that comes with the ample time saved and reduced stress.

Benefit for Employers:

Employees are more Focused and Productive:

The consequence of decreased stress and reduced tasks is a more focused and more productive employee. A concierge service from a security company in Sydney helps employees to accomplish their tasks in their personal to-do lists, with less stress on both their personal and professional life.

Employees Feel Appreciated and Loyal:

A concierge service undertaking some of the responsibilities shows how you value the time of your employees. It also means that you stay loyal to your employees for all the work they do for the company, and that you care about their success and welfare.

Employees are Motivated:

When your employees feel motivated and work within a positive work atmosphere, they become more motivated and more engaged to do their work. When employee engagement continues to grow, the performance and productivity of the company develops by many folds.

Hiring a concierge service offered by a recognised security company in Sydney is one of the clever ways to improve your work culture, productivity and overall growth of your organisation, as stress and pressure gradually becomes irrelevant to each and every employee.

The author is currently working in a leading security company in Sydney offering concierge services for clients. He explains how a concierge service provided by security companies in Sydney can drive away stress and increase productivity of an organisation. Visit


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