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How a Garden Designer in Wiltshire creates a personal Outdoors Scenari By Robin Williams

  in Gardening | Published 2016-08-24 10:14:46 | 170 Reads | Unrated


What does your garden mean to you? It can be a place of refuge, a family leisure area or a special and designated place of entertainment or unique living space. A garden designer can help transform an idea into a reality, with a piece of seemingly wasted ground able to be transformed into an idylli c setting.

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For many homeowners, the term design is associated with fashion, or a technical application, while landscaping is something involving a change in the landscape, such as buildings or other remote construction. However, if you look at most gardens, there are ongoing changes taking place, even if it's only cutting the grass or trimming the edges of pathways, it could be considered as keeping to or creating a garden design. Add to this where to place new plants, vegetable patches and you are in the realms of designing your garden. It all depends on what is involved and the degree of change

and planning that is required!


A garden can be created to present any form of scenario you wish, and it is in this respect that a professional designer will determine the influencing factors regarding the type of garden you envisage. These will include primarily, the question of a balanced design, colour form, contrast and the most appropriate plants for the desired effect.


It is accepted that irrespective of the garden type; each one has a purpose, and this aspect will be determined by, for example, an experienced garden designer in Wiltshire. Some of the common purposes of a garden include it being utilised as an extended outdoor leisure or living area, a work of artistic expertise, or in some cases, escape or sanctuary! Purpose, is a factor integrated with any functional aspect of a garden which will influence the overall design, especially regarding initial layout and shape, which apart from plant selection, is where the majority of designing issues arise. It is also a design area where the aspect of uniqueness and taste, become apparent.


The expertise of a garden designer in Wiltshire will combine the perceptions and ideas envisaged by a client into a visual plan. It is a procedure that can involve visualisation, measuring, designing and plotting as well as the actual drawing up of the detailed plan, or the integration with suitable software. In many instances, the designing of small gardens presents greater challenges and particular techniques that need to be adopted in the design process. In the event of an outdoor area being employed as living space, designer expertise can help prevent sacrificing a passion for gardening.


Space creation and designer illusion


Space utilisation is in any form of development project a major consideration, with proven techniques and experience being used to maximise available space to its full potential. Fortunately, with the required expertise, a limited space situation can be converted into a seemingly larger area, with the technique known as "Creative Illusion". This is a creative design process for limited space gardens that has its particular challenges, but opportunities exist in these environments, for the creation of a more impressionable atmosphere with an impact that requires less.


As previously mentioned, the selection of plants is recognised as one of the primary and most difficult aspects for a garden designer in Wiltshire There is an abundance of types and colours of plants available, which creates its own and specific challenges. Variables are a significant and contributing factor related to choosing plants, with emphasis placed on the creation of the best possible and appropriate colour combinations. It is a procedure requiring designer knowledge and experience and is an aspect in which a trial and error principle is not recommended as a means of getting the best and long-lasting results!



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